War Has Been Declared On Christian Conservatives

OK this is a pearl clutching post for many but it has to be said. Open your eyes. War has been declared against Christian Conservatives. Pray like never before.  Now is not the time to pray for the evil surrounding us but to petition Heaven to judge the wicked. Please read to the end.
I Never was one to shy away from hot button issues.  So here goes. If you don’t know what the SPLC is then you’ve either been asleep or watch CNN or MSNBS for your news. Quick reminder all MSM are now government run news agencies and nothing I mean nothing coming from them is truth. But that’s a thesis in itself.  I ve watched a video that according to reports was posted to the internet by them of Alex Jones.  It’s only a few second clip of an interview he was doing. Of course there are no facts about the interview only the clip that loops the words. “I’m f…g sick of Trump I wish I’d never met him.”
I’m not a groupie I don’t follow anyone blindly but if you listen to Alex you’ll find that he is one of thousands of critical thinkers.  You would be surprised how many don’t know this basic skill. Everything my mind takes in goes through a process like a huge soil sifter. Or a PH test.  This hit piece on Alex doesn’t even pass the smell test.  Christian Conservatives are under attack like you wouldn’t believe.  They won’t be happy until we’re all destroyed or dead. Alex talks alot about his Christian faith in every episode. This is what they are after.  Not his frustrations about Trump, which we all have let’s face it.  He gave Americans hope and exposed the swamp yes and for that we will be forever grateful.  But because of that it brought the bowels of hell against every one of us. The experts in hate commented on this video decrying all Christian conservatives as grifters or CIA operatives.  You can’t make this up. Alex has said he’s not a supporter of QANON. He deals in more fact. I was asked a couple years ago if I ever listened to “Q”. To which I replied yes. Because I thought they meant Steve Quayle “Q” alerts.  They chuckled and directed me to the real “Q”.  It didn’t take long after I visited web pages and chat rooms to say that’s pure evil stay away from it.  These are not Christian or conservative.  They blaspheme Christ and have a vile hatred of the Jewish people. Are they capable of violence? I don’t know but videos from them that I watched suggests in esoteric ways yes they are.  I screamed as loud as I could to the friend that led me to them, it’s the devil get away from them. I lost that friend and I still grieve over that.  Stay away from that. 
We have enough just combating the evil attacks and lies from the left because of our faith in Christ. 
Unless Christians start standing up and saying that’s enough we’re in danger here for the first time. Even by our brethren.  There are many Christian leaders adding to the lies and persecution of what they deemed “Christian Nationalists” saying God did not give us this land or bless it.  Our history is being erased rapidly our times have been changed and all laws have been decimated.  They even have joined together with the Islamic group “CAIR” to label us extremist religious terrorists. (More)

I have written many times about the “isms” joining together to form the new world order and religion. 

Even Catholic Bishops are warning of the darkness enveloping us. 

According to reports some 1400 faith leaders have joined together to condemn what they call the perversion of our Faith. While they accept abortion and the destruction of God’s creation in a man and a woman.  They say “America firsters” are no better than the KKK and the Nazi party. You can’t make this up. These are the very things that Dietrich Bonhoeffer warned of and was executed for.  Wake up America!
Those deemed crazy by this new woke Christianity just may well be the Dietrich Bonhoeffers of today’s war on everything held sacred. Pay attention, gaurd your minds. Get real close to the Holy Spirit Christ told us He would guide us into all truth.  Use your critical thinking and discernment. The war against the faithful has begun.  And they really do want us imprisoned or dead.  The very least they want us in compliance with their new communist world order complete with so called Christian leaders teaching compliance to man’s governing body not God’s. All this is evidenced by the horrible vision of our Capitol walled off as in third world countries to keep us in line.  They didn’t even do that after 911 when the white house was threatened and the pentagon attacked also. 

All, All Christian conservatives are under attack.  The SPLC is only one of their tools to spread hate.
I may not like the language Alex Jones and others use but that doesn’t mean that they are not deep in their faith.  If your one of those who condemn Christian conservatives for standing up for God and our Country, for standing up for freedom, your part of a huge problem and will not avoid judgement. America is the last bastion of freedom in the world. That’s why Satan wants it destroyed. Donald Trump bought us some time so that God could shake His people awake, our job is just beginning. As I said before it’s time for a petition to Heaven! Alex Jones, Steve Quayle, Doug Hagmann and many more are warning we are in the times spoken of in Revelation. Christ be with you all.
I take my cousins quote “Keep looking up to the Eastern sky”. Our redemption draws near.
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