What Happens When Violent Criminals Are Released Early: Man Murders Woman, Cuts Her Heart Out and Cooks it For His Family

Politicians never learn, they continue to grant early release for violent criminals with disastrous results


By Greg Holt

(TCP News)  This is a case of truly demented and barbaric murder.  Gruesome and disgusting in its senselessness and horrific violence.  This is no longer an issue of party if it ever was, no this is an issue of extremely poor judgment, blatant stupidity, and money.

Lawrence Paul Anderson was first sentenced to prison for attacking his girlfriend, pointing a gun at her, and possession of crack cocaine with intent to sell.  Sentenced to four years, he was out in less than two.

Six years later he was sent to prison again, this time for selling crack cocaine – near to an elementary school.  Sentenced to fifteen years, he was again out early, serving just over five years.  Anderson was also to be on probation for twenty years after his release.  The fact that he was placed on probation for twenty years ought to have set off alarms and serious thought as too early release after another crime.  But no…

While on probation, Anderson was again nabbed for drugs and sent back to prison for twenty years.  He was out in about three years.

With Mr. Anderson’s newfound freedom, again, he literally comes unglued and commits unimaginably horrific crimes.

Anderson forced his way into Andrea Lynn Blankenship’s home in Chickasha, Okla. and murdered her.  Then he proceeded to cut out her heart, and then take it with him to his aunt and uncle’s house.  He then cooked the woman’s heart with potatoes and attempted to force his family to eat it.

From The Washington Post:

He cooked the heart with potatoes to feed to his family to release the demons,” an agent with the Oklahoma State Bureau of Investigation said to a judge in a request for a search warrant…

Then Anderson attacked and killed his uncle, wounded his aunt, and then killed the couple’s four-year-old granddaughter by stabbing her in the eye.

All of this happened because a misguided governor made a very poor decision to let this man (and others) out of jail.

Lo and behold, Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg was involved in this brutal crime, it may not have been direct involvement, but Zuckerberg bears responsibility for what happened.  When one chooses to fund the efforts that work to release criminals from jail/prison early for whatever reason, the blood for the resulting crimes is on that person’s hands.

From FrontPage Mag:

“This has to be addressed by the Legislature, sooner rather than later, because more people are going to get killed,” the prosecutor said. “We’re seeing this all over the state. Repeat offenders go to prison. They’re not there very long. And they come home and they’re committing crimes just like this.”

Anderson’s sentence was apparently commuted in June. Oklahoma was a major target of an alliance between lefties and “conservatives” on criminal justice reform that predated the coronavirus mass jailbreak. And behind the push to free criminals was Mark Zuckerberg and FWD.us.

An even bigger problem is this isn’t limited to just Oklahoma, this is a nationwide problem.  People from both parties, but especially Democrats want to release hundreds and thousands of criminals early.  Some want to eliminate prisons, and some want to lower standards of prosecution.  Such as changing felonies to misdemeanors, making many drug crimes, crimes no longer – or reducing sentences or eliminating them altogether, effectively tying responsible judges hands.

The result is violent criminals walking our streets committing heinous crimes and largely getting away with them.  If they go to prison at all, these folks all too often are released early, and then immediately go and commit more crimes.

Check out the following headlines:

NYPD Brass: We’re Arresting Too Many Prisoners on Early COVID Release

Inmates released from California jails because of coronavirus were rearrested for new crimes

Suspect in Denver murder was paroled due to coronavirus concerns at Colorado prisons 3 weeks before killing

Murder cases involving inmates released early highlight parole system failings

There are also widespread issues with releasing illegals back into the population early, and then these folks (not all of them) commit crimes, including murders, rape etc.  This happens way to often, these people were supposed to be deported for a good reason.

Yes prisons cost money, but how much is a little girl’s life worth?  Or any of the other hundreds and thousands of people senselessly killed – especially when many of these killings could have been prevented.

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