America First Christians (Christian Nationalists) Are NOT TERRORISTS

I don’t even know where to begin.  For the last few days my mind has been on information overload.  So much so my only prayer has been Father help your people. 
Christianity is coming under physical and spiritual attacks.  The evil is indescribable. With facist demoncrats even calling on everyone to snitch on your brethren. They are calling for lists to be made with names of Trump voters. Even Obama top aid in 2012 said they were making lists of those who opposed Obama. I heard Valerie Jarret say that but the story is buried.  Doug Hagman covered a report of a website for people to add names of the people they knew voted for Trump.  In my alternative browser it said site note found. In Google it goes to a dark site with links to truth and reconciliation web site.  Founders of that are touting credentials that include “CNN” commentary.  What could go wrong? Do not give your email or personal info to any sites of that nature.  RT reported on this site, look at it and decide for yourself.  (more)

While listening to Dave Hodges talk about the demonic entities in play now, he said something that I know to be true but my mind would not rest to see the significance until now.  He said the facist demons in our country are coming after Christians because demons know the power of Christ! The demons Christ cast out of a man said to Christ, why are you here to torture us before the time? They know the power Christ has, but Christians seem to have forgotten that.  They hate us and are trying to silence us because they know the power of Christ.  Cover yourselves in this power. 
And they are coming after us full speed ahead.  It’s evident and they want us dead. They stood by and watched as nearly 80 people died in Texas.  They could have stopped it but they didn’t.  It’s heartbreaking.  Shumer even said I hope Texas learned a lesson.

NBC News attacked Governor DeSantis for offering the plague vaccine to elderly, veterans and Holocaust survivors first.  Of course they did because he refused to follow the facist eugenics plan of culling the elderly like Cuomo did.

SNL revealed their racist anti-semitic views with an attack on Jews recently. They truly are the party of hate, racism, death and destruction.

The demoncrats are using the House Committe on energy and commerce, announcing hearing on media’s disinformation role in promoting extremism. This would be good except their target is us.  They’re trying to remove conservative news sites not following facist propaganda like Newsmax and OAN. This act alone violates not only our constitution but the UN’S declaration on humans rights article 19.

They are committing human rights abuses never before seen in our Republic! Say that over and over! Make it go viral!
Christians rise up! So many Christians have fallen to the world and its doctrines of demons.  You say no they won’t abandon the Gospel, but they did. 
Pastors are being used by the facist regime to lull parishioners into a false sense of security.  It is very real and a present danger.
Yesterday I watched Real America’s voice with David Brody. It set me straight up screaming your insulting millions of Christians and mocking Christ.  He said if your a Christian Nationalist your not of Christ.  He said it was Christian Nationalist who stormed the Capitol.  Yes he did instead of the truth about Antifa denigrating Christians and demoncrats who call Christians who voted for Trump and America First Christian Nationalists like its a dirty thing.  And Brody even used a spokesperson Faith and Freedom Coalition to back up his persecution of Christians.
Brody played a video of demons in congress saying a prayer that invoked the name of Christ as proof positive of Christian nationalism.  At the end of the demonic prayer you can even hear them saying that’s our fake prayer.  Yet Brody was jubilant that he found something to beat Christians with and incite violence against us. He knew full well that was not Christians!

Senator Leahy said the quiet part outloud yesterday he acknowledged Antifs and BLM’S role in the Jan 6th riot.
Christians need to understand that the spirit of antichrist is everywhere even in the midst of Christians.
We can’t be quietly ushered into the oblivion of darkness with the demonic power of those wishing our destruction.  God Blessed this land we live in, we have lived our Christian-judeo values for over 2 hundred years.  Now they want us to turn that over to them as they did to Hitler.  And they do want us dead, those of us who know Christ and are not ashamed and refuse to give up the freedoms given to us by God.
There is a Pastor in Canada in jail right now for refusing to close his services with the lock down. 
Recently Bejing Biden said that the genocide of Uyghur Muslims in China was part of  a normal culture.  Dear God not only do they justify killing babies they justify killing religious minorities.  Well I haven’t heard even a peep from Muslims here about this atrocity but some Christians are speaking out!
Yes Christians should speak out. Re-read Pastor Neihmoller’s quote about “First they came.”
We have to push back against this evil and demonic regime here and in the world.  Finally NATO spoke about the threat China was to the world.  And yet bejing Biden praises them. 

“We will not go quietly into the night” I am not ashamed of my Lord!
Let’s break down the term Christian Nationalist,  Wikipedia defines nationalism as: “American nationalism, or United States nationalism, is a form of civic nationalism, cultural nationalism, economic nationalism or ethnic nationalism found in the United States. Essentially, it indicates the aspects that characterize and distinguish the United States as an autonomous political community.”
We all know what Christianity means. So the term Christian nationalism has been declared dirty and terroristic and radical.  Remember Obama said Christ’s sermon on the mount was so radical we wouldn’t abide by it.  Be proud of your Christian heritage, be proud of God’s blessings on our Nation of Christian-Judeo values.  Stand in the shadow of the wings of God. 
Psalm 61:4
Let me dwell in Your tent forever;
Let me take refuge in the shelter of Your wings. Selah.

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