Racism And Eugenics -Hatred Revealed From The Depths Of Hell

Eugenics And Racism is revealed through the veil of propaganda, riding on hatred from the depths of hell. Exposing the truth.

Recent days have exposed the true racism in this country, and the evils of eugenics. And it belongs to those on the left and democrats as many have warned.
As evidenced by a host of people “saying the quiet part outloud.”
Bejing Biden recently said on a town hall meeting put on by CNN that African Americans and Hispanics didn’t know how to use the internet.  Yes he did.  In their efforts to control a doddering old man’s confusion they revealed the systemic racism in their top Democrat.
Then there’s Joe Scarborough from MSNBC who “said the quiet part outloud” in a rant meant to protect antifa and BLM.  He said the devastation throughout our country last summer could not be compared to the Capitol riots because burning down, wait for it, TACO STANDS was not a crime. Yes he did.  Again he exposed the systemic racism of the left.  Well what about the police stations burned and the court houses and government buildings destroyed. Or those killed by domestic terrorists like those they beat to death and the Black retired police officer they executed.
Then there’s Gov. Cuomo.  He sent thousands to their death in Nursing homes with his mandate.  He did that while a Navy Hospital ship and many other facilities were available.  He murdered them and then said who cares.  But then when a Democrat lawmaker called him out Cuomo threatened him and said “you haven’t felt my wrath yet.”  Governor Cuomo should think about God’s wrath on him. 
Then there’s the Mayor in Texas who resigned but not before he too said the quiet part outloud.  Eugenics.  While millions of people are suffering and even dying in Texas due to the failure of the green energy program there, he said nit to expect help and only the strong will survive and the weak will perish.  Yes he did he said it was their own fault if they froze.  I’m haunted by the report of a young mother and her child died while trying to stay warm in her car.  And this foolish mayor actually condemned them. 
Our country has been overtaken by demons.  That’s not hyperbole.  It’s fact. 

Their campaign slogan was “build back better” that one statement shows their goal is to burn down our system and values and rise a new world order.
Rush Limbaugh died yesterday.  He was a warrior for conservative Christians values but the evil on Twitter aimed at him was beyond description.  Hatred like that only comes from the depths of hell.  its so vile I can’t even share it.

It hit me so hard and permeated my soul to the point I actually felt hopeless against it.  But then God lifted me up and reminded me He did not give us a spirit of timidity but of boldness.  God has opened mine and many others eyes as to the ferorciousness of the evil we are against.  And it’s demonic don’t think it’s not. 
Nothing is as it seems.  Every evil lie will be exposed, they have started even attacking each other.  Expect to hear of more suicides and death and destruction as the demonic pushes through bidens “dark winter”. 
Psalm 94 comes to mind again.  God is watching.
And remember Psalm 94:22 But the Lord has become my fortress and my God the rock whom I take refuge.
Those weak go along to get along Pastors will find themselves on the wrong side of God’s judgement.  Run from them.
Stand firm, stand tall, and be bold!

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