Climate Czar: “We Have To Break Your Will”

The demoncrats yet again show their hand when a climate czar claimed the quiet part outloud “we will have to break your will.” (more) HRC said this first when she said she would have to change Americans “deep seated biases” hitting on those who cling to Bibles.

Now they are bold and they can hardly contain their joy at destroying lives.
In fact Trumps impeachment and persecution is to them the piece de resistance their masterpiece they think will break the will of the people. They know not what they do. For every ban on social media, every attack on innocents, every lie they tell only makes us stronger and more determined.

While even Republicans voted for a bill that would allow them to kill babies born alive, Texas won a lawsuit that enabled them to defend planned parenthood abortion factories.
A victory for Christians. Also proving we can not give up or cower in the corner.
Our will comes from Jesus Christ and they can not snatch that away! And they know it! Christian conservatives speaking out are now 74 million and growing.
Do not let them break your will! Do not let their fear and gaslighting steal from you. I’ve said it before stand ready, stay alert and use God’s gift of the Holy Spirit to guide you into truth. Gaurd your mind!
Even in ancient times they couldn’t break the will of the early Christians.
We are entering a new era one of deception, death and destruction. A new era of prophecy.
Stand up stand firm and hold the line against Satan’s spawn trying to destroy our Country and our will. We really are in a battle for our souls. God’s speed to you. This is our time to speak and push against the isms rising and uniting, Communision, marxism, socialism, and facism.

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