A New Era Filled With Suppression And Hatred

We’re entering a new era. The socialist and communist party that overtook our government has labeled this the “new normal.” Bidens regime labeled a “dark winter” his regimes call for unity is in reality a call for compliance. Christian conservatives have been labeled domestic terrorists. New terminology changes daily.
This will be nothing like when Obama was elected. We dug in and stood our ground. We endured one failed policy after another. He destroyed the middle class and brought destruction to the middle east with his Arab spring and Libya. Benghazi will never go from our memory. They left Americans to die. And then lied and covered it up.
They know that this is their last chance for a great reset. They came out with claws and iron teeth chewing up and crushing all who dare to stand in defiance under their feet.
Time Magazine just did an article that admits what they did. Of course they said it had to be done to defeat the evil Trump. They wrote: ” It was an informal alliance between left-wing activists and business titans. The pact was formalized in a terse, little-noticed joint statement of the U.S. Chamber of Commerce and AFL-CIO published on Election Day. “
They titled their piece “The secret history of the shadow campaign that saved the 2020 election.”Admitting stealing from the American people they’re proud of it!
Mike Lindell published a 2 hour documentary on OANN titled Absolute Proof. He detailed graphs, slides and videos showing without a doubt this election was stolen. I shared this on Facebook and they stooped to a new low even for Facebook. Look at the screenshot below to see what they did. I was horrified.

I deleted my Facebook accounts. I know that Gab, Clout Hub and Telegram does not suppress free speech and Parler will be back up by Monday.

They are bolder than ever because they have been promised the kingdoms of the world. Trump said before he left that they were coming after us he was only standing in the way. But anger never before witnessed has been unleashed on him and Americans. This is what vengeance looks like because HRC lost in 2016.
They’re doubling down they now feel like they have the justice system,the presidency and both houses of congress and they will do what they want. A news anchor even called to use drone strikes on Trump and supporters. They have unleashed an unbridled hatred against Americans.

Its time to call out the few remaining true Republicans insist on state changes for election integrity, insist the states attorney generals file law suits against the biden regimes unlawful executive orders.

I’ll try to bring articles that offer knowledge. Remember TCP has great authors and truth in news. Stand firm and keep the faith.


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