A Preview of America’s Future: Religious Texts Burned, Churches Demolished, Believers Given Prison Sentences

In China, the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) IS the established religion, and everyone had best be an adherent.


By Greg Holt

(TCP News)  I know, it can’t happen in America right?  WRONG – it can happen.  The only established and acceptable religion in America is becoming the Democrats.  Think about it, the Democrats are the ones who provide everything to us right?  So at some point, we will “worship” these wonderful providers, publicly anyway.  At least that is their hope.

Human rights in China are almost non-existent, the people’s rights are whatever the Chinese government decides that they are.  People tend to ignore this kind of thing, thinking that these events are “over there,” this kind of thing can’t happen here – this is America after all.

Thinking that events we see unfolding in other countries can’t happen here; like America is insulated from the atrocities precipitated on other people in other countries – this is flawed thinking, and is exactly what the god of this world wants us to believe.

From The Epoch Times:

In communist China, practicing a certain faith, printing, or even reading religious books could result in prison terms and abuse. Spiritual believers in China—be it Christians, Buddhists, Uyghur Muslims, or Falun Gong practitioners—are faced not only with brutal suppression or forced-labor terms but also have their religious books burned or trashed at the hands of the Chinese Communist Party (CCP).

Most people understand the Chinese regime is brutal, oppressing their people, beating them, killing them, and throwing them into prison.  China governs under the philosophy of communism.  Communism says that whatever it’s leaders say goes, more or less.

Here is what many in this great nation do not understand – America is moving in the exact same direction.  The Democrats want to bring about a new America – a socialist America, and people like AOC openly admit it.  Democrats want us to believe America is bad.

Joe Biden recently (through executive fiat) rescinded Trump’s 1776 Commission, and has significantly endangered America.  Why would Biden do that?  Simple, if you are not taught about America’s exceptional history, our amazing founding incorporated around and through the principles of God – then how would one know America is exceptional, America is different?

TCP News author Jerry Newcombe stated:

One of the last things outgoing-President Trump did was to sign an executive order on the 1776 Commission. It is geared toward teaching American school children about America’s true source of greatness.

America’s true source of greatness, and the reason America has been blessed in the ways that we were: God.  Democrats, and much of the rest of the world do not want people to understand and know this as the fact that it is.

Looking at the America of today, would one see that America is really all that much different than other nations?  Yes, somewhat, for now.  If Joe Biden has his way, America will continue to change, America will be painted as being no different than other countries of the world – and THAT is the whole point.

If you (anyone) are not taught the exceptional history of America, if we are not taught that this country was founded on godly principles – instead we are indoctrinated into the belief that America is racist, a former slave nation, an oppressor of people (like the Palestinians – a people group that actually do not even exist), like the Black people, Native Americans, and LGBTQ people, that white people are evil (don’t laugh, this is happening) – then why would anyone rise up to defend this country?

If you believe that your country isn’t worth the effort to defend it, then you will not do so.  If you believe that our country is historically bad (insert your definition of bad here), if you are taught that the new way of doing things (socialism) is good for society and will benefit you personally (like universal basic income, free insurance for all), then you will likely not fight the changes.  Instead you will welcome them.

The Democrats pander to people’s self interest at the expense of America’s collective well-being.  No I’m not talking of a collective, or anything even remotely resembling socialism.  But when we as a people are inspired to do that which only benefits our own person, that which is in line with our own personal greed and selfishness – then there is no concern for the nation.  When we are fully focused on self, we are not focused on preserving our nation’s ideals, we are not focused on preserving our rich history, we are not focused on being a unified and strong nation of free people.  We are not focused on the collective good of ALL people.

We have as a nation, begun to exchange our freedom for chains.  Oh the chains are gilded and attractive, our fetters are hidden inside of handouts – but the fact remains that we are still shackled to our masters.

If We the People are conditioned to accept the demands and actions of the government, we are not free, we are indentured servants.

Demands and actions like:

  • Forced vaccinations
  • No God in society
  • Banning of weapons
  • Censoring and changing our history
  • Mask mandates
  • Access to travel and government facilities only with stipulations
  • Illegal and punishable to reveal treachery, wrongdoing, and immorality (Trump, Project Veritas, David Daleiden)
  • Lockdowns
  • Spying on Americans
  • Americans listed as “terrorists” – like believers in Jesus, conservatives, those opposed to abortion etc.
  • Free speech terminated with tacit government approval – Facebook, Twitter etc.

A truly free people will not tolerate the things that are happening in America today, therefore these people must be eliminated or severely curtailed.  Even more so, those who adamantly believe in Jesus Christ must be stopped, silenced, persecuted, and condemned.

A free people, especially those who believe in Christ – are a clear and present danger to the Democrats and their plans to achieve a socialist America, an America free of God, and an America free of all restraints, except those imposed by the leadership of the Democrats of course.

Wake up America – you don’t have much time.


Image Credit: Asia News (YouTube)

Article sources:
Epoch Times
TCP News

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