The Party Of Death And Destruction Is Mocking God And Persecuting Christian Conservatives

The party of death and destruction is holding true to their name. From Pelosi screeching that prolifers ruined the 2016 election to bidens EO’s forcing Americans to pay for world abortions. He has destroyed thousands of jobs and lives and now is considering revoking the declaration of genocide to Muslim uyghirs in China.

At least a handful of Christians who didn’t throw their pearls to swine are speaking out. A Bishop in California called out Pelosi but applies to biden as well, its worth noting that the propaganda media arm touts biden as the most religious observant President ever.
The Bishop said you can’t be catholic and support abortion. He said our land was covered in blood and it must stop. Then Pastor John McArthur warned biden that he could not place his hand on the word of God and then mock Him with his actions and words. God Bless these men. Other Christian conservatives are also speaking out but every church in America should be in lockstep against the death and destruction, and the fascist, communist takeover of America.
The DOJ has issued a warning that conservatives are domestic terrorists completely ignoring the destruction by true domestic terrorists Antifa. But again I question the support shown these thugs by the democrats. We went through this once when Ross Perot was rising in popularity. If you’ll remember they issued a similar warning to police even stating that if you had a Perot bumpersticker on your car to pull you over and detain. But this time is much more serious. People are losing their jobs and even arrested for voting for Trump or freedom of speech. We have warned here for some time this was coming.
Persecuting here is only beginning but began with a bang.
There are laws in the works all over the world now that will restrict your ability to buy, sell, travel or trade unless you have recorded taking their vaccine. Where have Christians heard that before?
Even the top propagandists the New York Times is calling for Biden to stop the EO’s. Even they realize that the party of death and destruction have effectively shut down the system set in place by our founders. They first brought down the judicial branch now the executive branch. They are now a one party dictatorship making laws instead of Congress and Congress is laying down and taking it. After all its for the greater good and great reset.
Yesterday the peoples movement broke the wall street oligarchs and today they blame it on social media and Elon Musk. So they’re taking down social chat rooms like discord. Silencing and censoring anything that goes against them in their fight to control the economy and shoot down the American dream. If you listen with ears to hear they are removing God’s blessings expecting we will turn to them in submission to their promise of blessings. Spewing lies and hating truth, hating God is what drives them. Pure hatred is their fuel.

Now, all of the above is the definition of a fascist, communist government. A government devoid of God’s blessings or commandments.
The Bible is God’s word His temple resides with us. Just as Christ overturned the money changers tables and drove them out of His Fathers house it is our job to overturn those same fake liturgical tables residing in God House on Earth. If we remain silent He will give us over to our deranged desire and doctrine of demons being sold as sound doctrine. We are being judged at this very moment. Will we be found wanting or will He restore our blessings?
Wake up Christians the Lion of the tribe of Judah will do battle for you do not be like the men hiding in caves pleading with the rocks to hide them from the wrath of Christ. Take a stand, stand firm and arm yourself with the word of God. Come under His wings He will protect you. Stand up and speak up. For remember Christ said if you deny me before men I will deny you before my Father. I’m not denying Him you say? When you vote for or placate in your church someone who supports killing innocent babies in the womb you are denying Christ. That’s the truth. Wake up! We are in a war not with flesh and blood but with principalities in the spirit world. Dont believe me look in the eyes of the party of death and destruction you will see nothing but evil darkness. Nothing but blackness there is no light in them. Listen with ears that hear and watch with eyes that see.

Isaiah 35:3-6

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