The Uneducated Ignorance Of The Liberal Left Proves Its hatred For American Ethos

We can no longer remain silent while the left peddles poisonous ignorance

The evil rising can no longer live by the morals America was founded on or ingrained in our hearts. We are in a war between good and evil, hatred and revenge.

Its absolutely unbelievable the hatred the uneducated on the left has. Coupled with vengeance their hatred proves their lack of intelligence. Taken over by their hatred for everything Trump they have set a course not only for self destruction but the destruction of America. Ignorant and blindly following after those who want to destroy the world they have begun the dismantling of America.
These orders being signed are not out of concern for America they are done with ignorance and hatred for revenge. Removing protections for lower the cost of medicines, giving China access to our power grid, pushing men claiming they are women into women’s sports, solidifying their lust for blood in abortion, removing religious freedoms, destroying thousands of jobs and making America dependent again on foreign oil,destroying economies of Native Americans and whole states only to exact a sychophant dream of revenge they hold America hostage. They will not let the American people stand in the way of the vile eutopia they have planned for themselves. They cling like parasites to the money and power of Big Tech and billionaires like George Soros. They cling to an idea of eugenics and population control, even withholding aid for Americans devastated by plague. They add gun control and are considering holding aid unless you receive a vaccine thats risky at best.

They have underestimated the American people. And the power of God. But then Satan was never known for his intelligence. His only power is hatred and bitterness that sows death and destruction. Antifa, a group whose very name is an oxymoron, is a great example of the party of death and destruction. Divide and conquer is the simplicity and ignorance of their entire goal and doctrine. Antifa carries out the very acts they condemn as fascist. Burning whole neighborhoods and terrorizing innocent people, beating them into submission even killing them. Yet the left refuses to condemn this speaking of them lovingly and giving them power. While threatening imprisonment to those who gather peacefully as Patriots who love God and Country. They will not succeed in reprogramming or removing God from us. And that scares them. Keep the Faith, stand firm apply the armor of God and resist the lies of evil. This really is a war between good and evil. God wins! And He will be with us, show no fear!

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