The Left Wants Us Deprogrammed But Not From Trump

The first few days of 0’bidens illicit rule, proves in whole the reason that Hillary Rodham Clinton lost in 2016. I know the uneducated on the left can’t understand that, so we have to push forward with the truth. Uneducated paid agitators like those on talk shows with all women, and by the way thats by design, because if they can propagandize women they gain the children also, are given talking points and goals by the left.

This tactic actually worked for years, and still works but strong christian conservative women are rising up. You see they think very little of women and their tactics are actually warned of in the Bible. (2 Timothy 3:6) If they revered women they would protect the sanctity of woman’s rights instead of allowing and pushing transgenderism. Women flat out scare them. Scared of strong christian conservative women who not only rise up to lead, and teach, but also strong courageous women who support our real men and encourage them. Men have went from a position of strength and courage to meek, mild, and meely mouthed being dehumanized by media and cancel culture.
So in reality women everywhere should have come out for HRC, but they didn’t. Strong Christian women know the taste of forbidden fruit and HRC’S fruit was poisonous. But the party of death and destructions lust for blood set off only anger and revenge.
Donald J Trump was indeed a great President and will remain that despite the lefts attempt to erase him. By the way erasing culture and times sounds alot like the antichrist. O’biden will never be a President of the people or by the people. But lets get real. Donald J Trump is a man. Yes I believe God used him to wake up His church and a world drenched in sin and blood. And wake up His people He did! In major ways. Some may not like this, but its the reality we live in, its time to worship God not a man. God used him to deliver His people into truth. It’s now up to us to carry the torch of truth. We can remain silent and wallow in grief and pity or we can rise up and carry the torch handed to us.
Just like in the movie left behind we are witnessing hundreds of thousands of people deceived by the spirit of Antichrist. We are witnessing the solidifying of an unholy alliance with communism and global domination by men straight out of Revelation. Are we to go into hiding, like those hiding in caves in Revelation begging for wrath to pass? I think not. We are to take a stand put on the whole armor of God and buy salve from Christ to open our eyes. Just as God showed Elisha the army of God’s angels, God has shook millions of His people awake.
So stop waiting for a man to save us. Turn to God. We have a great opportunity and calling from God to step up and confront evil and darkness. Stop believing that great tribulation will not manifest for Christians to see, its here and rising.

The lies from the uneducated left will continue, thats where we come in, find organizations that hold to truth to life and to God. Conservative
movements are rising. Support them sign their petiitions support the few Republicans to fight against the cabal of evil in our government. Do not let fear stop you. I don’t like giving out my personal info either I am though to stop this evil. Petitions give our values a voice. Speak out and, as with a wild animal show no fear! Or we will find ourselves in an unrecognizable world and many will fall away. Warn, or their demise will fall on your head.
Stay united for God and Country and know that God is with you He is calling many will you rise and answer God’s call?

Remember they are using Trump and his supporters as a scapegoat they know we are filled with God’s spirit and they want us deprogrammed. Using fear of plague, riots and bodily harm or prison for disobeying them, they think they will win. They are uneducated fools and God will give them over to their depraved minds. He is now shouting “come out of her my people” We have been warned. Don’t remain complacent, for God will hold us to account.

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