Democrats Pushing Poisonous Rhetoric And Policies Will Destroy Everything We Stand For

In addition to Biden ordering U.S. funding to abortions worldwide, which by the way he forces us to pay for murder via taxes, he is codifying Roe V Wade. Which means that it can not be overturned by SCOTUS. And in the next breath says : “We are also committed to ensuring that we work to eliminate maternal and infant health disparities” (More)

An oxymoron.

President Trump is the most pro-life President we’ve ever had. I believe this started a season of rage with the party of death and destruction.

They are out for blood. Their insatiable appetite for death and destruction is running like a runaway train aimed right at Conservative Christians. John Brennan, is at it again. He called President Trump and supporters they are working to “root out what seems to be a very very serious and insidious threat to our democracy and our republic.” (More)

His rhetoric is putting Christian conservatives in danger.

She is beyond crazy. They’re so afraid what they did in the election (which is the tip of the iceberg) will be completely revealed. And they intend on making examples out of those who speak out. Only conservative media will report this. And they are steady calling for them to be taken down 1 by 1. I also read that Biden sent an order to the Border Patrol to release all illegals. Immediately. So thousands are being released into cities in border states! No homes, no jobs I can’t even imagine. The destruction brought about by democrats will only leave chaos. And I’m not certain that Biden even knows what’s going. If you watch him, most of the time he shuffles around in bewilderment. So who is calling the shots? Obama and Pelosi I imagine. They will stop at nothing to finalize a global word order.

Look at the hatred and ignorance spewed by AOC. Resurrect the confederacy?? It’s this hate filled deception that poisons every mind in America.

And they’re just beginning.

I read that the acting DHS Secretary said in an interview that Nancy Pelosi asked for a machine gun with a crew to use it at the Capitol. Of course they said no but it shows you how far under she’s gone. (More)

We can’t give up, our voices matter. Our prayers matter. Stand firm, and speak out. Organize or join conservative groups. Get active in your church. Make a difference. Trust God!

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