What Today Meant For Our Country Especially Conservative Christians

I’ve been trying to put my thoughts together. I had a long talk with God today. It was a job talk. And I realized like Job I didn’t know the mind of God. So I decided I would do as His word tells us and that is to lean on Hiis understanding. I’m not in any way fearful. That said I am totally against all policies of the new regime.
I watched a portion of bidens speech today. After saying he was for all people he called for unity. Unity of what? Perhaps of liberals with fascism and communism. He said he would use the full force of the government to fight against domestic terrorism which is the greatest threat to America. Really? How about China they unleashed a biologic on the entire world, Pompeo designated China as performing genocide on the uyghars. North Korea is banging war drums again as Iran threatens us with death to America again. And we know that they have said President Trumps supporters are domestic terrorists and deemed Christians as nationalists and a danger to society. Katie couric and others are calling for reprogramming camps.
A mere minutes after the regime was installed China issued a statement sanctioning Steve Bannon,Peter Navarro, Mike Pompeo, and many of President Trumps administration. Laughable and unbelievable since they have not been sanctioned for the people across the world they killed with a biologic. And the economies and lives they destroyed.
It was just a couple hours and the regime altered our alliance with Israel. Stripping them of what President Trump did and taking them right back to the start. Again instead of Israel its again Israel, Gaza and the Westbank. God is watching them.
The spectacle of the wall with 25,000 troops there was bad enough. But then Steve Cohen a demoncrat from Tennessee called for vetting of the troops because it was in his words mostly white males that voted for Trump and was worried they would kill his excellency biden. They dehumanizing and humiliated our military. They were that afraid of Trumps supporters.
He is busy erasing Trumps executative orders opening borders. If they move ahead to do the false impeachment, that would make President Trump a martyr and more powerful. The house started this on false evidence or no evidence. Time will tell. President Trump is in Florida one of the last things he said was our movement is just beginning and he would be back in some form soon.
Time will tell but its not off to good start. He’s closing down the keystone pipeline that will cost at least 10,000 jobs in the middle of a pandemic. While 8,000 immigrants were storming the wall hes giving amnesty and halting construction on our wall. Watch and contact your representatives. I am. They are still calling to silence Christians and conservatives.
As for prayer, I will pray they don’t destroy America and leave it in God’s hands. I will pray for God to protect His people. And give us strength and courage and guidance. As far as unity God’s word tells us those that call evil good and good evil stay away. You can not have unity with darkness or the unlean thing. (2 Timothy 3:5 &2 Corinthians 6:17). Their policy on abortion alone is unclean. I read an article that said abortion was the leading cause of death in the world. Pray for our country ban together and speak out. We have work to do. We can not give up but our Country crossed a line today, a line that we may not come back from. We have to be strong and trust in Gods plan and understanding. God Bless you all.

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