Hate Groups And Anarchists Do Not Represent Trump Supporters

MAGA is not represented by these groups. It’s time media starts saying that.

I’m just now hearing of this group boogaloo bois.

The video of them in the Capitol has surfaced. It’s shocking to say the least. They said in the video it was an information mission and can be seen rifling through papers on Nancy Pelosi’s desk. They can be heard screaming vulgarities, even displayed a gallows with a noose. This is Antifa tactics, remember they set up a gallows I believe in front of the White House last summer.

Screenshot from The Gateway Pundit Dunn is a leader of the boogaloo bois

Screen shot Gateway Pundit

I repeat these groups with ties to BLM & Antifa do not represent MAGA.

They do not represent conservatives in any way. This act of stupidity actually squashed the voice of millions if people. Some of our representatives like Josh Hawley from Mo used Courage and our voices were finally to be heard. Election fraud and corruption was finally exposed and we had a platform. Then these self described warriors tossed all that aside and now we are called terrorists.

MAGA values:

Hold the constitution with respect

freedom that the constitution affords all citizens.

A free, fair and transparent election.

The Police are held in high regard

The military is held in high regard

Government has no place in the privacy of your home.

Holds love of God and Country tightly.

Patriotism can not be used as a club to beat citizens into submission.

The democrat agenda is as Biden says “a dark winter. “We can not slide back into silence. Together our voice carries strength and courage not depression or retreat.

Colossians 1

But you must keep your faith steady and firm. You must not move away from the hope the good news holds out to you. This is the good news that you heard…..

President Trump was impeached again for false allegations. He or his supporters had nothing to do with the attack on the Capitol.

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