Calls For The Great Purge Rise Again With The Oligarchs-Coming After Conservative Media

There are prominent authors and journalists like David Horowitz who are warning that not only are we in the beginning of a fascist state but that persecution of Christians is coming. He told Newsmax “that Christians are set to see increasing persecution as the Democrats take control of Washington.” (More)

CNN today is calling for silencing of conservative media. And Christian media will either have to conform or be removed also.

The AP is calling for Podcasts to be taken down because they are spreading misinformation. This is serious, that would include Christian and conservative podcasts. This is fascism, Marxism and communism all rolled into one. It’s a digital book burning!

Remember Representative Hawley from Missouri he spoke up about the election fraud and rejected the election certification. He is under attack like you won’t believe. His fellow representatives are calling for his removal and now this from a hotel where he was going to fund raise.

He showed great courage and resolve in seeking the truth, and for that he is persecuted. He didn’t incite anything but see how they lie?

CNN called Trump the leader of a terrorist group. Yes they did. According to them he tells us where to go, what to believe and what to be angry about like we are zombies.

This is why we can’t give up. We can never give up. If we are silent we are complicit. We have to keep our voices raised. Put the Whitehouse comment line, and your representatives on your favorites list. We have to speak out. Concentrate locally also. We have to keep watch. We are here at this time for a reason we are in a different kind of war than the greatest generation who fought back communism. But we are in a war that threatens to remove our freedom of speech and freedom to worship. Speak up and stand together. Our voice is stronger together. We can do this.

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