What Is Nancy Pelosi Signaling To The World’s Despots?

Let’s face it symbolism is everything. The message Pelosi and the democrats and their media is sending to the world is pure evil.

She has proven time and time again protecting the anarchy raging in our country. And the media fell in line with her. She and the democrats have effectively burned our system down. No justice anywhere. They have inflicted a deadly wound fed by hate on Americans and they want unity?

George Soros is somewhere smiling.

So much is happening it’s hard to concentrate on one thing. Since I last wrote even more evidence has come forward about the Antifa group who instigated the Capitol riot. You won’t hear it on the state run media. In fact CNN actually hosted the man in charge of the Antifa attack as an innocent witness. All while he was charged in Oregon for the same thing he did in DC and he was responsible there too for a MAGA man being killed. He is founder of an insurgent website and CNN covered it up. Don Lemon is calling Trump voters the KKK and nazis inciting violence against 74 million Americans but his twitter account is still open.

There are 20,000 plus National Guard troops at our Capitol, brandishing weapons. There is a prison type fence complete with razor wire around the Capitol.

Nancy Pelosi is sending a message to world despots it’s ok to kill your people if they demand freedom. It’s ok to censor and suppress the flow of info if they demand freedom. I never thought I’d see the day when America would call on world leaders to save them. But that’s what we’re seeing. World leaders are condemning actions by big tech and government. People with military backgrounds say our Capitol resembles a green zone in Iraq. What have they done?

Mexico’s President says big tech is not omnipotent and it’s criminal what they have done and is taking it to the G20 summit. Germany’s Angels Merkel has also spoken out.

They say they have intel that MAGA nation will have armed protests at DC and all other state Capitol’s this weekend. Stay away. It’s a set up. Obama started pushing for civil unrest and civil war. This is the biggest push by far. All summer we watched domestic terrorists burn our cities and kill and maim yet the demoncrats and media protected them. Nancy Pelosi is dangerous to our Security. She lied twice in impeachment hearings. Even investigators have said Antifa infiltrated MAGA at the Capitol. Yet she pushes on.

A walk through twitter shows the hatred and bitterness driving the left.

This one was twisted. The officer said there was people who surrounded him to protect him until his partner reached him. They did not drag him out and beat him that’s a lie. I watched the video
Inciting racial divide and hate
More of inciting racism and hatred

I’m keeping my faith, it is Pelosi who is inciting violence. God will speak. He’s not done.

They really do want Christians gone or dead. They have labeled all of us Christian Nationalists and even PBS is calling for our children to be removed and sent to re-education camps. You can’t make this up.

Stay away from protests this weekend, make sure your prepared if there is an interruption of services like groceries or gas. Do not lose hope. God is still in control.

Joshua 1:9

Please visit TCP here for news on the lies.

“Have I not commanded you? Be strong and courageous. Do not be frightened, and do not be dismayed, for the Lord your God is with you wherever you go.”

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