It’s A Sad Day When your Vote Is Declared An Act Of Domestic Terrorism

Hillary Clinton has declared that the deplorables who voted for Trump are domestic terrorists. And that’s not the sadest part. This sham of impeachment resounds beyond the halls of Congress. What they are impeaching is the people’s populist movement. The great purge is ongoing. They are attempting to silence every voice on conservative radio and media. They are as Raheem Kassam from the National Pulse says, they are laundering their lies through Congress. Accusing Trump of seditious lies while they have done nothing but lie for 4 years. Their first impeachment of Trump was proven to be fake yet they weren’t accused of insurrection or sedition as they should have been.

They have effectively brought a once powerful free Republic to its knees. They have destroyed the justice system, the FBI, and the legislative branch. We no longer have a check and balance system as our founders intended. We no longer have a free constitution. Nancy Pelosi shredded that. This is the most evil group of people I have ever seen in our government. Overshadows even Obama.

This is not a Congress attempting to protect the people of America. This is a Congress intent on burning down our system and building it in their image. And it’s not what our founders wanted. It’s what our founders ran from.

Without representation we should concentrate on what we can do. Pray for God to send a leader that will enable our system to be repaired and our country healed. Joe Biden is not that man. It will be a tough road, a road with many bumps. But again I’m reminded of Babylon and Gods judgement on them. Prophecy is unfolding. It will be fulfilled. We stand and stand firm together, call for righteous judgement and if God gives us another chance think long and hard about those you vote for. Vote your values. The values of the one party system that appears now is not our values. We will still cling to our Bibles and fight for our right to bear arms but there is a lot of cleansing needed in our government. God will take care of that. There is a reason He says vengeance is His.

There is a popular post making the rounds on social media for armed resistance. Do not fall for this.

Some say it’s a set up at any rate it’s not what Christian conservative Patriots stand for. If there is civil unrest let it not come from us.

There is about 2000 Military troops at the Capitol there are multiple pictures of them sleeping on the floor of the Capitol. I’m sure they’re wanting to strike fear in the hearts of Americans this is so sad.

Pray for peace, pray for knowledge to act on the evil God has exposed. Remember we’re in a spiritual war. We know what to do. Listen, watch and warn.

I will continue to speak out and call out evil until God calls me home. As Paul said we must finish this race. Stay strong and stand firm. And remember Dietrich Bonhoeffer said “Silence in the face of evil is evil itself!”

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