Gaslighting Is Off The Charts-Media And Democrats Using Scorched Earth Policies

We have to take a breath and regroup. The lies have morphed into gaslighting. By design it’s meant to make you question your own mind and morals. For example as Christians we know what Christ taught, we know why he gave his life and we defend that with Gods word. Same for gaslighting God installed a truth meter in each of us with the Holy Spirit. Listen to that with ears that hear.

That’s our biggest defense. From there we can go on the offense. The only way to win with a gaslighter is to keep telling the truth. Stay the course. And do not believe anything they tell you. This is the control they have on you if you stop believing them they have no power over you. Get away from them! They isolate you, from family and friends so you can’t participate in truth or reality. That’s what we are seeing today with the purge of Christian conservative social media and President Trump.

Today President Trump spoke and said these ridiculous impeachment charges are dangerous to America. He reiterated no violence. They are very dangerous, it is they and the media inciting violence. It is they who are disconnected from reality. They live in a world that worships money and power even in Silicon Valley. The President of Mexico and Angela Merkel of Germany condemned what they did.

These demons will stop at nothing to hurt this President and those who voted for him. I did not attend the rally I was unable to. But I scoured footage on social media and all conservative news sites. I watched President Trumps entire speech. He said nothing wrong. He told those there to walk peacefully to the Capitol to make their voices heard. The instigators, led by actors and Antifa, backed by demoncrats, turned it into something dark. I still pray for those that lost their lives. But it’s not what the gaslighting media & demoncrats portray. I read a report that the family of the police officer who died said he died from natural causes and said stop politicizing his death.

There are posts all over social media about supposed protests at all capitols on the 17th. These are armed they say. Please do not attend any rallies on that date. It’s another set up.

We can all agree that we are living in an alternate reality. A reality painted by demons through the media and politicians led by Nancy Pelosi. She should be the one impeached. Her level of evil has risen above even HRC.

Tomorrow Pelosi brings her impeachment charges. Pray for President Trump. And America. The purge brought by Pelosi and her oligarchy is not done.

But remember God is not done. Don’t give up! Hook arms and stand firm. We can not lose our voice. I’m still writing and calling representatives to tell them speak up or we will replace you. This is very serious. Withhold your money from these oligarchs purging and erasing us and our President. Shop local or buy right from the manufacturer. If you have stocks in these oligarchs sell them.

Parler may be back by the end of the week. Go to Gab, Clout Hub and there’s another site for Christian conservatives like Facebook. It’s called USA.Life it’s easy to create an account and easy to use. You’ll be with other Christian conservatives. Remember stand together. It will be very rough the next several days. Stay the course!

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