Oligarchy Has United And They Are Coming After Conservative, Christian, Patriots-They want us Dead!

Oligarch: A very rich business leader with a great deal of political influence

I will start every post now with I Am Not Ashamed of the Gospel of Christ! I will not kneel or bow to this new communist government, and if you think that’s hyperbole you haven’t been paying attention to the real news. Turn off the state run media now! Even Fox News! The oligarchs have taken over all social media platforms. Apple and Google has removed the free speech platforms like Parler apps. Amazon kicked Parler off its servers. Twitter has made a massive purge of conservative users. I know, I was part of this purge there. I lost 300 followers overnight. And I had a small account. Others lost thousands! Amazon took down Parler! I was also on Parler! They kicked them off their servers. And before you believe the lies and propaganda, they were not promoting violence! Of course there’s always one that uses foul language but scroll on past, because God isn’t scrolling past He is watching! All States are now calling for Republican conservatives to be removed from office. Even the conservative state of Tennessee! One lawmaker London Lamar is calling the riots over the summer peaceful while the rally in Washington seditious and wants all from Tennessee who attended charged with treason and sedition! This carries the death penalty so if you think they don’t want us dead think again! It’s Christian Conservatives that are being targeted in a big way. There is a Senior NIH Analysist who threatened Senator Hawley from MIssouri. He said Senator Hawley “deserves to be skinned alive and thrown into a bucket of salt!” (More)

That’s the truth and nothing is done to stop those violent threats! Gaslighting is now the norm. Antifa attacked Trump supporters at a Patriot march in SanDiego recently wielding baseball bats, and a sign that said “Ashli Babbitt deserved it”! (More) Unbelievable and nothing was said about that. Democrats have been supporting Antifa attacks for months we told them (Republicans) that this would happen, and they remained silent. Will they remain silent and even allow the communist takeover of our state governments? There is so much more news and this is only the beginning. Couple yourself with like minded Christian Patriots and search alternative news. TCP is a great source. I will try to update everyday here as long as I can. They are coming after every outlet that gives truth, I’m sure it’s only a matter of time before they come after wordpress. It’s time to unite in Faith and prayer. This is a wound that will not heal. Franklin Graham recently posted that we pray for our new president to which I cringed. Don’t start I know the Bible say’s pray for our leaders. But it also tells us to distance ourself from evil. These demoncrats are as evil as satan. Calling for murder of babies up to and after birth. Their blood cries out from the ground! God’s judgement and scriptures will be heard. The Bible also tells us “Do not pray for this people because I will not hear you” Filled with hatred and lust for power, control and “blood lust” they have finally been brought into the light for all to see and believe they have fundamentally transformed our Country. It’s transformed all right, it looks like China and Iran. Those countries block internet, and social media too, they censor and arrest and torture those who speak out. It’s time for us to unite. It’s time to use your voice even if it’s just cancelling an Amazon account. No matter what platform you have use it, speak out. Take a stand and stand firm. Hold the line. God is not finished. His words will be fulfilled. Watch and Wait and see what He does. God be with you all. He is still in control, Christ is still on the throne. Lean on His understanding.

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