You Knew This Was Going to Happen – Democrats Attempting to STEAL Georgia Runoff Election in Order to Take Control of Senate

Stealing the presidential election was not enough, now the Dems are stealing the Georgia Senate election.


By Greg Holt

(TCP News)  It came as no real surprise when I saw that voting machines in Georgia, made by Dominion of course – were down.  Voters were told that their votes would be “scanned later.”  Sound familiar?

Three of the largest Republican precincts in Georgia are or were down.  That doesn’t sound coincidental to me, it sounds like intentional fraud.

There are reported problems with Dominion voting machines in Spaulding, Columbia, Paulding, Troup, Fulton, and Newton Counties.

Just by coincidence I am sure, there are ZERO problems with Dominion voting machines in neighboring counties – counties that just so happen to be largely Democrat precincts.

I’m sure the votes will go to the correct candidate…

There are of course the usual twits saying that there is nothing wrong, but then how is it that the problems are only in Republican counties while the Democrat counties are operating just fine?  It doesn’t tale a rocket scientist to see that there is a serious problem here.

SPAULDING COUNTY, GA: Spoke with a woman who went to vote at 7am this morning. She & other voters were told the #dominion machines were down. They were not given emergency paper ballots & were told to come later. Some voters unable to come back due to work. @RealAmVoice

This is completely unacceptable and ridiculous.  Voting machines are down, so COME BACK LATER???  What kind of incompetent morons are running this operation?  This is deliberate in order to disenfranchise as many Republican voters as possible.

There needs to be an investigation into this immediately.  This is a rather blatant attempt to steal the election given what just happened during the presidential election.  The problem is – the Democrats feel secure enough to attempt to once again thwart the will of the people because they believe they will get away with it.

The Georgia runoff election determines who will control the U.S. Senate, so this is a pretty big deal.  Just imagine, the Democrats would then control the presidency, the Senate, and the House.  Still think this is a mere coincidence?  A mere conspiracy theory by some crazy sore loser Republicans?

Thus far the courts have basically said, we don’t want to hear about it.  The Democrats say that Trump and all who support looking into this election steal are crazy, sore losers, conspiracy theorists, illegally attempting to overturn a fair election, unAmerican and who knows what else.  The media are in the pockets of the Democrats and support them 100%.

Even many spineless traitors (that call themselves Republicans) are saying that there was no widespread election fraud, and that Trump needs to concede the election and accept that he lost.

In reality – anyone that can actually use the brain that God gave them can easily see via the HUGE amount of evidence out there that it is IMPOSSIBLE that Trump lost this election.

There is only one reason Trump supposedly lost – and that reason is that a group of traitors managed large scale cheating in the election and overturned Trump’s rather high lead in the vote count on election night, giving the treacherous Biden scumbag votes he never received.

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