It Begins!

Those behind the great reset found that a biological weapon was the best way to control the entire world population at once. And here in America the communists went right to work.

The satanic democrat communists begin with their great reset and their one world religion, by mocking God in our Capitol.

President Trump honored God and Christ from our Capitol. It hasn’t even been officially declared yet that the communist party won and the mocking of God and everything sacred begins.

The prayer to end the outgoing Congress said they pray to the monotheistic God known by many names, and ended with Amen and wait for it A-woman. You can’t make this up. This is on the heels of wicked Pelosi forbidding using terms in the Congress like mother, grandmother. In her opening speech she used terms like in this temple. She actually believes she’s a form of goddess. As she praised all the women. I have no problem giving credit to women but she goes beyond that into the bizarre. She’s down right creepy.

New York has been brought to her knees in one fail swoop. Under the tyrannical Cuomo and Deblasio, the one great city has fallen. There is freedom for none. The latest is the Bill being introduced in their Congress giving power to the governor to detain anyone they deem a danger to the well being of society. If you defy mandates of lockdown or masks you will be detained as long as the governor deems.

You can’t make this stuff up.

Already they are introducing a bill to force us as taxpayers to fund murder of babies by striking down the Hyde Amendment. It hasn’t even been declared yet officially that communist Biden won and their instituting their evil government.

Ronald Reagan said:

“We are a Nation with a government not the other way around. “

Religious Liberty has been stripped from our constitution and persecution will be enforced. It’s happening right before our eyes and it’s clear to those who migrated here from communist countries but Many Americans are blind.

Last night as I was reading about the Secretary of State of Georgia’s leaked phone call with President Trump I had a question I couldn’t get rid of. Those like him who are turning their backs on America with treasonous acts must realize that they are traitors to the traitors. They will not be known as anything but cheaters. Ask the skeletons in HRC’s closet how that turned out for them.

Lindsey Graham appears to have turned his back on Liberty and I believe it was him that said “if democrats regain power God help us all. “

I still believe God is working in ways that all will know His name. We’ve had a great awakening with millions calling out to Him. Have you heard the new song by John Rich, “Earth to God”? You really need to listen to it.

I don’t care about opinions filled with hate about President Trump. He is our President and he stood against the demonic to stand for LIFE, LIBERTY AND JUSTICE FOR ALL.

Pray and call out to God to protect those standing up for righteousness. Wait and watch God is not finished. Ban together with like minded and never give up! No matter what happens never give up! God is our refuge. I will not renounce my faith in God. I am not ashamed of Christ! I will not stop warning or telling the Gospel. Stand up now and fight with the throngs of Christian Patriots on their way to our Capital this week. Stand firm and hold the line!

Psalm 46:10

Be still, and know that I am God: I will be exalted among the heathen, I will be exalted in the earth.

For the Prophecy Watchers:

Prophetic Word to the President

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