KISS Your Country Goodbye – Ready For the Migrant Invasion? Biden Admin. Will Welcome ‘Immigrants’ in DROVES

Officials for Joe Biden are saying there will be various “legal routes” for migrants to get into U.S. workplaces and communities.


By Greg Holt

(TCP News)  In a time when the U.S. economy is already struggling, jobs are hard to find with so many current and former lockdowns, and money is tight for many – Joe Biden wants to bring hundreds of thousands of poor migrants and refugees into this country.

It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to understand why this is a very bad idea.  Many of these people are dirt poor, they have little besides the clothes on their back.  The U.S. cannot afford to feed and cloth and otherwise provide for these people.

Immigration is all well and good, but the rate of immigration needs to be controlled, as well, in my opinion – immigration to the U.S. should be completely stopped for a period of five years.  Helping others etc. is a right and good thing to do, but not at the expense of our own people.  We are not the world’s welfare system.

This country thanks to the Leftists and RINO’s has been through hell, the lockdowns and the draconian rules associated with them have caused all manner of serious damage to our economy, which was the whole point of this “Plandemic” to begin with.  Many businesses will never reopen, the economy is strained, people are worried, and rightly so.

From Breibart News:

Neither official suggested any migrants would be rejected by their proposed “establishing a fair, humane, and orderly immigration system.”

President Donald Trump is denying asylum to migrants “rather than helping create alternative pathways to protection,” said Sullivan. “That is just not who we are as a country.”

In other words, we will have open borders, and while “legal,” ways are mentioned, it is well understood that Biden and his team will simply look the other way when people illegally cross the border.  Vetting of these people will similarly be a joke.  This is the Democrats new voter base keep in mind.  The Democrats welcome all these people, and they in return vote for their saviors.

Susan Rice stated that:

“We will expand lawful pathways for migration, allowing people to apply for refugee resettlement and temporary worker and other employment-based programs from within the region,” Rice said.

There will also be asylum officers who will be able to make judgments on the spot.  It was also suggested that the “Migrant Protection Protocols” will be eliminated.  All of this boils down to MILLIONS of people being welcomed into our country, most of them without skills, and little to no money.

These new rules (when and IF Biden is in office) are not only foolish, but dangerous – to all Americans.  Where is the vetting of these people?  Who is going to feed these people?  Where is the money coming from to provide for them?

The worst part of this?  Once they are in the country, there won’t be any court hearing or any other such nonsense, because they will never be seen again.  Once these people get in the door, they simply disappear.  This is why Trump made asylum seekers remain in Mexico.

The Democrats are also expecting to issue a MASSIVE edict of amnesty.  All of our current illegals – will be illegal no longer.  So people who broke U.S. law in coming here, will be allowed to obtain U.S. citizenship.

What a kick in the teeth to all those immigrants who did things the right way.

America is no longer the Land of Opportunity – its now the Land of Robin Hood, with a twist.  Robin Hood (the Democrats) is evil, and steals from the We the People who work for a living, as well as making harmful laws and supporting evil people (ANTIFA, Black Lives Matter, rioters, criminals etc.)  The Sheriff of Nottingham is the news media and social media – who lie and cover for Robin Hood, while censoring We the People.  Prince John (evil) of course is Joe Biden.  And last we have good King Richard, AKA Donald J. Trump, the rightful president (NOT king) of the U.S.

God help us all if Biden does manage to get into office.


Article sources:
Breitbart News
TCP News

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