YOU Are Not Important to the U.S. Government, $600 For You – $10 MILLION for Pakistan ‘Gender Programs’

The COVID-19 stimulus bill is a joke – containing millions for OTHER countries while Americans suffer.


By Greg Holt

(TCP News)  I thought that the idea behind a stimulus bill was to stimulate the U.S. economy while also providing help to U.S. citizens.  Apparently I was wrong.

Now that is a must have folks, you know how important climate change is.  Insert eye roll here…

Or, how about this one – completely ridiculous, asinine, and downright insulting to Americans:

“The Covid relief bill also includes $10 million for “gender programs” in Pakistan”

Did you note in addition to the $10 million for people confused about their gender, we are allowing another $15 million for assistance to Pakistan?  How about more assistance for our OWN country!

The supposed COVID relief bill sets aside money for:

This “bill” for COVID relief is a mere 5,593 pages long.

How is it that ANY American government official can be ok with this?  We have seen draconian lockdowns resulting in job losses, foreclosures, and evictions.  There are plenty of Americans that have no idea how they are going to keep their businesses open because the government tells them they have to shut down.  Then those same officials that order these draconian lockdowns are seen in public living it up.

Any government official that signs on to this bill and/or contributed to it is a traitor, and should be treated as such.

It’s no big deal if you lose your business, and if you lose your home or your job and have no income – but we absolutely MUST provide serious funding to Afghanistan:

Sudan gets a whopping $700 million:

Remember Venezuela?  Yeah, that communist country run by a merciless dictator that lives high on the hog while his people starve and do not have even the basic necessities?  They’re getting $33 million.

The Democrats tried THIS one before, only it was for $25 million – I will say it again, who cares about the Kennedy Center???

How about this one: a commission to educate people on “using or storing portable fuel containers for flammable liquids near an open flame.”  I’m sorry, but if you are THAT stupid, then please go ahead and blow yourself up.

How about money to discourage teenagers from “drinking and hooking up.”  Or $1.5 million for “diversity and inclusion.”  Oh and, “lots” of money for receptions.

Are you sick yet?  How about angry?  Feeling betrayed?

The Democrats (and RINO’s) are vying for power, money, fame, and a name for themselves.  They care nothing for We the People.  We are merely cattle, expendable, good only for a vote, and then we can be cast aside like yesterday’s garbage.

Stand up and speak up!  UN-ELECT these morons!  They only have a job because we keep electing them.  It’s high time, WAY past time that our government officials feel the displeasure of We the People.

It’s high time the Democrats are held accountable for what they have done to America, to US!  Many will say, that’s not possible.  WRONG.  Yes it IS possible.  But these pieces of garbage in human skin MUST be booted from office first.


Article sources:
The New York Post
TCP News

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