The Daily Caller: Your Political Position Isn’t Censored – Big Tech is The Next Champion Of Free Speech

WOW, Big Tech doesn’t REALLY censor us – The Daily Caller should change their name to: The Daily Propagandist.


By Greg Holt

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From The Daily Caller:

Occam’s Razor needs to be applied more broadly in the debate over free speech online. If you think your political position is being suppressed by Facebook or Google or Twitter, it probably isn’t. More likely, your post was taken down because you violated a rule and then interpreted the takedown as a nefarious attempt at censorship.

This is complete nonsense written by someone with no comprehension of what censorship entails obviously, the man is completely oblivious to what goes on in the world around him, or chooses not to see it for what it is – like most Leftists.  Let’s look at Occam’s Razor and what precisely that means.

Merriam-Webster defines it this way:

a scientific and philosophical rule that entities should not be multiplied unnecessarily which is interpreted as requiring that the simplest of competing theories be preferred to the more complex or that explanations of unknown phenomena be sought first in terms of known quantities

In other words, simple is better.  Today it’s known as the KISS principle – keep it simple stupid.  Keeping it simple, and the words “social media” should not even be in the same sentence.  Censorship is real, despite what Mr. Rinehart’s blasé attitude has to say about it.  The rules on what is ok, and what is not ok are constantly evolving.  Mark Zuckerberg of Facebook and Jack Dorsey of Twitter make it up as they go along.  What was ok last week might not be this week.

Just ask conservatives if censorship is real – Facebook groups and pages taken down, posts deleted or marked as fake news, unscientific etc, and people are routinely tossed into Facebook jail.  Posts on Twitter are deleted or slapped with “this claim is disputed,” or people’s accounts are shut down or deleted, and posts are shadow-banned etc.

“If you think your political position is being suppressed by Facebook or Google or Twitter, it probably isn’t. More likely, your post was taken down because you violated a rule…”

While it is true that Facebook has censored Leftists on occasion, it is the exception rather than the rule.  Where Rineheart comes up with the utterly ridiculous conclusion that our political opinions are not censored I can’t even begin to fathom.  This statement is such a bald-faced lie, not to mention so incredibly obtuse and stupid, it’s almost unbelievable that he actually said this.

There are countless sites on the Internet that have been banned from Facebook, pages and groups with hundreds of thousands and even millions of followers/likes/members – gone, just like that.  Why?  Because Facebook did not like or agree with their political position, or objected to their stance on vaccines – and climate change.

Rinehart tries (unsuccessfully) to pass this off as a simple matter of not following the rules.  Hold on a minute here Mr. Rineheart.  Since when was not being allowed to express your opinion of a given situation involved with breaking rules?  Since when did being a conservative, and/or a Republican, and expounding on those views violate Facebook’s rules?

Rineheart is simply expressing the same Leftist propaganda as everyone else on the Left is – except that he is now dressing up differences in opinion, and not blindly following group think, as violating rules – and therefore acceptable.

Legitimate rules do not prohibit one from expressing their opinion on a given subject, nor do they prevent people from participating in discourse – even spirited debate.  This is not about breaking rules – this is all about censorship, and this is all about removing America’s right to free speech in favor of the given social media platform’s supposed “right” to dictate what is and what isn’t ok to think and to say.

There are rules that should be enforced, posts that encourage violence, terrorism, abuse of any kind etc – these posts can and should be removed, and the posters in some cases reported to the police or other appropriate authorities.

Limiting what can or cannot be said on the subjects of politics, vaccines, climate change, and other pet Leftist concerns is censorship, plain and simple – there is no way around that.  This is a main tenant of socialism and communism – only what is “party” approved will see the light of day.

Removing the right of free speech only has one purpose regardless of who or what entity is engaged in doing so – control of the sheeple.  Control the narrative, and you control the sheeple.

Remember Hitler?  By the time the sheeple figured out what he was really doing, it was far too late.

I posit to each one of you reading this, that the Democrats are doing the very same thing.  Not the killing obviously (or not so obviously for the Leftist trolls) but rather to bring their brand of thinking to the forefront, to put a stop to all dissent, to achieve a state where no one can or will disagree with the socialist mandated concepts imposed on the sheeple. These people are also attempting to erase history that doesn’t jive with the current group think.

Control the narrative, control everything and everyone else.

Will Rineheart and the Left would have you believe that this is all for your own good, and BTW – it’s fair.

Stand up, speak up.  Or your ability to do so will soon be gone.  This is what is at stake in whether or not Donald Trump prevails in his bid to retain office.

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The Daily Caller
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TCP News

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  1. Couldn’t like this on my phone but it’s excellent! You are spot on. I was surprised at the number of conservatives who are falling in line with the great deception. And those God is revealing as false prophets. And yes I’ve been censored so many times on social media in recent days. Parler is the only one not censoring. Stay strong and speak loud. God’s speed brother.


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