The Truth About President Donald J Trump

The TDS people aren’t going to like this, but it’s truth. President Trump loves this land and the people who live here more than any other President in our history with the exception of George Washington and Abraham Lincoln. George Washington gave his all so that Patriots could live free. The haters can say what they want but Washington dedicated this land to God. Abraham Lincoln had a vision for freedom for ALL and that’s what he went to war for. To abolish slavery. He was the first Civil Rights activist.

President Trump loves America so much he gave his salary back. He fought for a decrease in medication prices, he put America First. He did away with trade deals that hurt us and negotiated new ones that put us first. I could go on and on, one last thing the liars news does not give him credit for all he did for us during the plague. He sent ventilators to New York and others. He sent a navy hospital ship to each coast that were barely used. He ordered plants to make ventilators and PPE equipment. He stopped travel from and to China on day one. He fought for medical treatment and they criticized him.

He’s a little rough around the edges but that’s what we deplorables love about him. He’s outspoken and shoots from the hip. He tells us what he’s thinking in no uncertain terms. I don’t always agree with what he says but I will defend his right to say it. He talks to his people (all Americans) directly not through news media and they hate it. We love it. He and his family have been raked over hot coals demeaned, attacked and persecuted, yes persecuted for 4 years. He is one of the best Presidents America has seen in history. He kept all his promises which is unheard of in politicians. We deplorables were tired of the corrupt, lying politicians. That’s why we voted for him. That’s why we fight for him. The disputable media and entertainers say he’s a liar. They are the liars. They are propagandists it’s been proven.

He’s not Pastor material or a saint but he fights for religious Liberty and life. He fights for Christians!

This and so much more is the truth about President Donald J Trump! That’s why we fight for him.

I have never seen a President who drew such massive crowds. In every state! Saturday night again there was a massive crowd in Georgia and to hear them chanting Fight for Trump was thunderous.

There is no hate in the hearts of 74 million plus people like there is on the left. Only love, love for God, love for country, love for our President. Frankly it hurts my heart to see the hatred for him, his family and us his supporters. We won’t start a war or advocate violence, as God fights for us. But don’t underestimate or mistake our love for weakness or you will be very surprised. We won’t back down. We won’t abandon President Trump. We won’t abandon our freedoms we will stand firm together.

He is the only thing standing between us and socialism and the great reset of the world. And he’s taking heavy fire.


Proverbs 29:2

When the righteous are in authority, the people rejoice: but when the wicked beareth rule, the people mourn.

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  1. I wish could agree with you about Trump. I pray for our leaders, but Trump is NOT for the American people. HE never drained the swamp, only added more corporate cronies to his team, and even gave Hillary and Bill a standing ovation at a dinner at the White House. He spoke about what wonderful
    People they were! Now he’s going to bring death to millions through this demonic vaccine! This stuff will alter your DNA and slice it with another DNA making you other than human. You need to do your homework, friend. The evangelicals have been deceived. Stop making this man a god. He’s got quite a history. Even Trump towers is an occult symbolism. Please wake up to the truth, my brothers and sisters……Jesus said”Do not be deceived!” He said if it were possible, even the elect, would fall for the deception bc it’s so well crafted. The enemy of our soul and the Rockefeller’s are behind the puppets out front pretending they are in charge
    Trump will bring Kabbalah Noahide laws that will kill Christians. Trump became a Jew in 2018, but you won’t hear it in mainstream propaganda. Noahide laws says Christians believe in Jesus which makes you an idolator in their eyes. The deep state Is their God, and Satan. Please research yourself. They all laugh at us wearing these masks because they are trying to see how far we can be pushed. It’s absolutely about power and leading us down a Hitler-like trap. They are doing all the things Hitler did. Read history and educate yourself.
    Don’t take the shot!



  1. The Daily Caller: Your Political Position Isn’t Censored – Big Tech is The Next Champion Of Free Speech | TCP News

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