The Dangers Of Socialism In America Are Far Greater Than The Dangers of A Plague

Our President spoke to the Nation last night, he said “This may be the most important speech I’ve ever given,” and I was appalled at the treatment the State Run Media gave him. In fact they didn’t give him air time, but they did comment on their news programs like CNN who said they wouldn’t air clips from his address because it wasn’t true statements. I have never seen such disrespect for a President. Even Nixon wasn’t treated as badly as President Trump. Clinton who lied to Congress, and the FBI about his trist in the Oval office was painted as a saint by the media. But birds of a feather flock together. The President laid out perfect evidence of fraud in his speech, but was not granted a quarter of the merit that the democrats did when they lied about President Trump and Russia, or when they lied about General Flynn.
I’ve been following this close, mountains of evidence have been discovered. President Trump gave the following as evidence and still they mocked him.
Michigan counties had more votes than registered voters. Wisconsin dumps at 3:42 AM involves hundreds of thousands of votes. Then there’s the voting machines that changed votes from Trump to Biden, and yes there is actuall evidence of that. They had set up the most massive mail in voting scam ever. The Executives of dominion state on their website under ethics that they aren’t involved in politics, yet exeutives donated to democrats. Texas banned them. These recounts they’re doing mean nothing if they don’t check the signatures, yet the dems are still silent and trying to cover up the fraud. He said PA, MIchigan, Wisconsin and Nevada didn’t require voter ID. And many used even fake birthdays. Out of the EU Nations, all but 2 require ID and deny Mail in ballots. He said Detroit illegally back dated ballots, and counted batches of ballots multiple times. Numbers of those who are truly unable to leave home due to disability grew from 70,800 to 250,000, More than doubled. Many of the ballots had no envelopes, or signatures, and they all went to Biden. Ballots for President Trump wasn’t counted.
The evidence We’ve seen to date is mind boggling. And yet they deny it. He said the election was rigged and from everything I’ve seen, I believe it. He said something that gave me chills, because it is very true as evidenced by the hatred the left gives to conservatives and Christians. He said They want to take not me, down, but us. That’s fact, they’ve already started their black list to punish supporters.
Today in Georgia a video was revealed showing they told all the poll watchers to go home, there would be no more counting, and then as soon as they were gone, they pulled out 4 suitcases packed with ballots to count. Incredible. Today in Wisconsin the State Supreme Court said the suit filed for voter fraud had merit but it needed to go first the lower courts. But State Run media is portraying it like the court struck it down for no evidence.
I really don’t know what to think about AG Barr. I think I’ll wait and see. Lindsey Graham was disappointing today, he tweeted this out:

Now some say he was being cynical, but this didn’t read that way. And it’s not funny or comical because we have had enough of socialism and they haven’t even started yet. Republicans had better stand up and acknowledge what is happening.

It’s my opinion that we don’t have a democrat party any more, it’s a socialist party. And that’s what it’s about, it’s not only about President Trump, although I stand with him. It’s about our country falling to socialism, it’s about the integrity of our election system. It’s about the coup that started on January 20, 2017. It’s about the socialist party backing and supporting domestic terrorists burning down our cities. It’s about the hatred on the left, It’s about the censorship of Christians and Conservatives, it’s about immigrants recognizing the symptoms and warn of what’s to come. Why do you think the Cuban population of Florida voted for Trump? Project Veritas is releasing tapes of CNN’s morning calls to lay out their news coverage, and it’s worse than you thought. They speak of squashing the Hunter Biden show, and more. It proves they are indeed State Run Media. I joked about Facebook and Twitter being the headquarters of the democrat campaign, but it’s not a joke anymore it’s proving to be true, they label Trumps tweets and all who like or retweet as lies.

Our most dangerous moment that lies ahead is not a deadly biological plague unleashed by China, it’s the socialist party of America.

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Rev. 22:20 'Surely I am coming quickly, Amen. Even so, come Lord Jesus!'

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