God Laid Bare The Dark Evil In Our Land-Now It’s Up To Us To Speak Out

I haven’t written much the last few days. I’ve been deep in digging through the news, praying and trying to make sense of this senseless mess. I have changed completely my sources for news, I have never seen or thought I’d see the liars that news media has become. Even local news can not be trusted.
The news media is not only liars but are exhibiting psychotic behaviors. That’s not too harsh. That’s what they do. Big tech backed by the left demoncrats have interfered in an election in a massive scale, in ways that foreign entities only dream of. It’s been reported that China and Iran have also interfered, but the crux of the damage and interference has come from within our own country. FB (censorbook) and Twitter have manipulated-to supress what they call misinformation. The problem is they are blocking the truth. Blocking news that show’s Biden is in bed with China, and censors all conservatives to the point that we can’t even like a post from the President of the United States without a bold warning label to not like it. They have effectively called the President and all Christian Conservatives liars.
I have written many times about obama’s involvement in all the darkness. It was he and biden who enlisted the FBI and even the CIA to attack General Michael Flynn and others like Stone. They ruined these lives, for absolutely nothing except to take out a sitting President by removing allies. President Trump pardoned Gen. Flynn, but he should never have had too. It was proven there was no evidence and Gen. Flynn was innocent but they were determined not to drop the case while they made up more charges. They did the same to Rod Blagojevich, because as he said, he knew too much, so they imprisoned him. I believe President Trump granted him clemency. This is what happens in thrid world countries like Iran and even China. Persecuting political prisoners. This is not America
I remember and you should too, when obama in essence declared war on bloggers. Bloggers who could analyze truth and fiction like this site, and The True Conservative Pundit. Obama issued an edict to the National Endowment of the Arts, to bring their talents and pick a subject like healthcare and weave their magic for him to influence public opinion. Bloggers who were involved in the phone conference with Obama’s edict said that this was government propagandizing and a misuse of NEA funds. You can’t make this up. It took me days of searching before I found one article on this, and it does confirm it. So do you see what obama and his minions the demoncrats have done to our media? I honestly thought we would be done with obama in 2016 but that couldn’t be further from the truth. It’s not conspiracy, it’s fact. He has been running a shadow government all along. I still can’t find the report I saw and heard with my own eyes and ears that Valerie Jarrett said they were making a list of all who dared to go against obama. They have buried all reports that paint her in a negative light. She is a saint according to the media.
Finally a report by the NYtimes exposed Facebook for using an algorithm to suppress and manipulate. I have been on the battlefront, many times facebook labeled posts I share about evidence in the greatest election steal in history, false. MRCTV did a poll and found that most voters who did vote for Biden wouldn’t have done so, if they would have known about the issues big tech had suppressed. They should be prosecuted but instead they think they are protected by 230.
Back to my previous statement about media exhibiting psychotic behavior. Maria Barteromo interviewed President Trump today, and allowed him to present his evidence and CNN took immediately to the airwaves to call President Trump a liar and Oliver Darcy said this about Maria: “Frankly, there is not much daylight between Maria and infowars conspiracy theorist Alex Jones.” Stelter said she sits behind a desk and invites the President to lie and lie and lie. Really???They go on and on with their hateful lies and propaganda.They said that President Trumps campaign has avoided questions about the President’s efforts to overturn the election.
My mouth dropped, I knew they were evil and dark but this lately is an all new low even for CNN. Fox news has fallen behind them for their continued posts saying there is no evidence even when they offer evidence of election fraud, and in my opinion Fox interfered in our election by declaring Arizona for Biden before the polls even closed. That and many other things, Chris Wallace and others shows their true bias against President Trump.
There is a witness who was on a conference call recently where an executive from the Dominion Voting machine when asked what if Trump wins said “I made sure that wouldn’t f…happen.”As far as I am concerned they stole this election. There are mountains of affidavits, and evidence of those machines changing votes from Trump to Biden. Those machines were also used in Venezuela by Hugo Chavez to guarantee he won. There is a military witness that attests to that. We won’t know all the evidence until it comes out in court. But you will be shocked. Shocked that they actually are as evil as we thought. We can’t give up, we have to keep fighting and speaking out or our reality will be what we have witnessed so far this year. I will not explain to my grandchildren why I didn’t speak out to fight the socialist communist takeover of our Country. I won’t stand before God and have Him say to me, Why didn’t you speak out ? Turn off the MSM. Seek out conservatives sites like True Conservative Pundit, National Pulse, MRCTV, Revolver, Dan Bongino, the Bongino report and Steve Bannnon. I no longer watch Fox unless I’m researching, I watch Newsmax, and Real America’s Voice. It’s time to learn how to get truth. The Great Deception has opened wide and God has laid bare the darkness in our land. Now it’s our turn to do something with it. Parler is a great site that replaces Twitter and facebook. I know at least one church who urged their members to get off of facebook and twitter and go to Parler. It’s different but I love it. It’s time for us to circle the wagons and get ready. They have unleased whole groups of fascists on our cities and neighborhoods, one such member of Antifa threatened on Social media that if Trump didn’t concede by today (Sunday) he would start blocking suburban neighborhoods and attack. This is the new Demoncrat party. Beat you into submission. They destroyed more statues across the country on Thanksgiving also. It’s time to say enough! Now the want to lock the country down again. Some courts are beginning to rule that churches are essential. California, and other states like New York is locking down again, This is not only immoral but against our constitution. China unleashed a bio weapon on the world and they have not received one condemnation.Many states tried to remove Thanksgiving, but many refused to comply. Now their targeting Christmas. Let them try. I believe the Governor of Wisconsin is about to be impeached. If you see this, and it’s your state, speak out. Call your representatives and remind them they work for you not the scientists feeding fear mongering. God’s speed everyone, stay strong, and stand firm!

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Rev. 22:20 'Surely I am coming quickly, Amen. Even so, come Lord Jesus!'

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