The Clash of Titans: Parler VS. Facebook & Twitter – MILLIONS Are Moving to Parler

Parler is fast becoming a major player in the social media world – Leftist hacks Facebook and Twitter are the reason why.


By Greg Holt

(TCP News)  On Monday (11/16/2020) we wrote about how one used to be able to enjoy freedom of speech on social media, blogs etc.  Not any longer.

On November 15thThe Conservative Treehouse announced that they had been deplatformed by  Before that WordPress pulled the plug on Fellowship of the Minds and other platforms that did not meet their standards.  

Of course Facist-book has been heavily involved in censorship for a while now.  Before, during, and after the election, they have been busy censoring, deleting, shutting down pages and groups – and of course labeling posts that Facebook doesn’t agree with as fake news, unscientific etc.  Now, anything having to do with the election that is not presented from a Democratic/Leftist point of view gets it’s own special attention:

These “election results” and other info are of course studiously checked and approved by the Facebook thought police.  You are after all too stupid to think for yourself, so Facebook is looking out for you.  Don’t you feel better now?

Twitter is no better.  Jack’s merry band of Leftist hacks censor, warn, shut down accounts etc.  They too have to defend Joe Biden’s honor:

Again, you can’t be trusted to think for yourself, why you might harm yourself, but fear not, Twitter is here!

Why wouldn’t anyone leave Twitter and Facebook?  What reason is there to stay?

Political and socialist Leftist gasbags like Bill Gates cannot understand why people are leaving Facist-book and Twitter for Parler.

“If somebody goes to Parler, they are saying, ‘I like crazy stuff’,” Gates said Tuesday at The New York Times DealBook Summit.

“If you want Holocaust denial, hey, Parler is going to be great for you,” Gates said.

Daisy Luther writes:

Unsurprisingly, the mainstream media and left-wing extremists are outraged. How dare the people who have been censored, deplatformed, and shut down on their social media sites move to a site that promises not to treat them like pariahs? (By the way, you can find me on Parler here: @daisyluther ) They go as far as to say it’s a “threat to democracy” because libertarians and conservatives get to post.

I mean, seriously, we can’t be letting conservatives and libertarians post their opinions all willy-nilly, right? What will happen without the “fact-checkers?”

Luther also said that Parler is the most downloaded app in the country over the last two weeks.  So maybe people are sick and tired of being dictated to, lied to, censored, and generally treated like complete idiots who should not be allowed to see all the information and come to their own conclusions?

Salon showcases the Leftist inability to understand free thinking people

Nicole Karlis over at the Leftist rag Salon wrote what amounts to a hit piece on Parler.  You only need to read the sub-title to understand this:

As Facebook and Twitter crack down on misinformation, Trump supporters flock to the echo chamber of Parler.

Funny, I don’t remember Facebook and Twitter being referred to as Leftist echo chambers, yet that is precisely what they are.

Congresswoman-elect Marjorie Taylor Greene of Georgia posted a photo of herself with an AR-15 on Facebook.  It was in time removed of course by Facebook for violating policy.

Karlis writes:

After multiple outlets reported on it (including Salon), Facebook removed the photo for violating its policies—but it didn’t violate Parler’s.

That’s because Parler is a “free speech” platform, and its surging popularity appears to be an intended consequence of Facebook and Twitter cracking down on hate speech, violent rhetoric and misinformation.

It never fails that Leftist shrews always label conservative views and information as hate speech, and/or misinformation.  The reason for that and the other idiotic commentary by these folks is that they have no logical recourse, no real intelligent and thoughtful counter arguments.  Just like when Andrew Breitbart (yes THAT Breitbart) confronted a crowd and asked them if they even knew what they were protesting about – no one had an answer and the crowd walked away.  Watch below – the video is quite illuminating:

Karlis continues:

It is filled with a lot of the far-right misinformation that would receive a warning label on either Twitter or Facebook— and that’s what Parler wants.

This is of course a completely ridiculous and unfounded accusation.  What Parler wants is a platform that people can speak freely on, a platform where posting your opinion, information etc. does not result in jail (Facebook), warnings attached, posts deleted, accounts deleted, shadow banned (Twitter), and of course demonetization.

Karis threw out this jab:

But as my colleague Keith A. Spencer once wrote, free speech isn’t really free on any platform, whether Facebook or Parler, just because it’s uncensored. As with any media platform, the ideas and beliefs of those with money are more apt to be shared and spread. The “freest” speech in a capitalist society is still mediated by those with means.

To me, this reads as an excuse to censor.  Why else would this even be mentioned?

Then again, no one regardless of the reasoning mentioned is going to change these dyed-in-the-wool Leftists who see danger lurking behind every tweet and Facebook post that does not follow the Leftist paradigm.

What these people don’t ever seem to realize is that the exchange of ideas and thoughts between free thinking people, and yes that DOES include the Leftists – is not only needed, but is enlightening and fuels change and personal growth in people that can and does benefit all of us.

People that are not free thinking – are not a free people at all, rather they are imprisoned sheeple.


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Let’s all continue to fight political correctness, indoctrination, Leftist propaganda, liberalism, and keep sharing the truth – knowledge is power.  Until next time…


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  1. Thanks for this. I having issues with Facebook and Twitter and have joined Parler.


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