“2020” The Year Of Nightmares And Prophecy

I keep thinking any minute I’ll wake up in my nice warm bed and it will still be 2019,and say whoa that was some nightmare!

Had you told me in 2019 that we would be bowing to scientists and a man called Fauci would dictate where we could go, what we could do and lock everyone in their houses away from family I would have laughed hysterically and said your crazy. Had you told me this scientist would be the only man offering security and peace, I would have called you a false prophet. If you had told me that the democrat party had morphed into Marx,Stalin and Lenin as one I would have laughed but shivers would have went over me. I would have said this is America we have freedoms. If you had told me our government would collapse on a shredded constitution to rise as a beast combined of all communist leaders like Mao Tse-Tung, Carl Marx, Lenin, Hitler, Chavez, Fidel Castro, Joseph Stalin, Kim jong ill and Ho Chi Min. I would have went to the Bible for prophecy about the last beast kingdom. If you had told me that China would unleash a deadly virus on the world I would have laughed.

What we are witnessing is a nightmare. I could never imagine a greater deception and falling away then we are seeing this year.

So what is echoing from the past horrors of the spirit of evil?

“Karl Marx and Friedrich Engels, called for a classless society where each person would contribute according to ability and receive according to his or her needs. “

They pushed for workers unions. What’s bad about that? Well for starters no one works unless you pay money and all pledge allegiance to the union. You eat drink and bleed union philosophy. It didn’t work so well for communism. They starved millions.

Communism rose to power under the first industrial revolution with dissolution of workers. And sought the government for representation. That was a disaster. They thrived on or began in democracy after disenfranchising the voters. Cuba began on change with better healthcare,women’s rights, and universal education. All crushed dissidents, jailed or shot them. Much as the demoncrats are doing today. Romania controlled marriage contraception and industrial production. As China still does. Let’s not forget Obama executed control of how a family is defined and even marriage. Destroying the “nuclear” family. Hmm sounds like BLM’S goals. If you research communism and the beasts who dictated you will see a clear path to what the demon possessed Dems are doing here and in the world. World leaders are plotting and planning a new world order under the 4th industrial revolution. Donald Trump threatened this and we’ve all seen how they are taking him out. America was the last hold out. Have we forgotten the turmoil of the rigged election of Venezuela? The same system was deployed here. “Dominion” Of course the denial of demoncrats as if they are being exorcised is the first clue.

Conclusion is Satan is raising this ugly beast, the same spirit of antichrist that has ruled in the darkness since the beginning. Don’t lose faith or hope. God is already ahead of this. And He wins in the end. One more thing to watch is the peace deal made through Trump in the Middle East with Israel. If the demoncrats win, this will be overturned. Keep the faith, stand firm and hold the line.

1Corinthians 16:13

Be watchful, stand firm in the faith, act like men, be strong.

Credit to: Economic times, History, Britannica, Bible Hub

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Rev. 22:20 'Surely I am coming quickly, Amen. Even so, come Lord Jesus!'

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