What Does Trans-humanism, Biological Engineering, And The Word of God Have To Do With 2020?

Put all the pieces together and you will see the New Normal order of the world.

I knew with Obama there was darkness festering like a large boil. You could smell it. We weren’t allowed to disagree or speak against him because then we would be a racist. The truth is. I love the idea of a black president but Obama? There were and still are so many that are more qualified and trustworthy. Like Colonel Alan West to name only one. There were so many but alas we had Obama. Someone who instead of loving our country he and his wife were ashamed of America. And called for a complete fundamental transformation. Then came Donald Trump. The people came out in massive numbers and caught the Dems by surprise and turned over the Apple cart. Trump put Americans first and the rest is history.

China unleashed a virus on an unsuspecting and unprepared world. Let’s talk a minute about that. Given what we know now what I’ve been learning makes perfect sense.

I watched a documentary about Biological warfare. It was very eye opening. Truth is they have been working on this for decades. Ever heard of “The Human Genome Diversity Project”? According to their website: “The Human Genome Diversity Project (HGDP) aims to collect biological samples from different population groups throughout the world, with the aim of building up a representative database of human genetic diversity. “

Now the documentary I watched said that Genetic targeting was developed for new drugs and treatments as in cancer. But it is vulnerable to bio warfare. I believe they called it an Ethnic weapon. In simple lay terms they now can edit DNA and make a certain population Of people vulnerable to the bio weapon. Leaving death say to a certain race.

According to a Dartmouth report in 2013 “In coming years it may be conceivable to design a pathogen that targets a specific person’s genome. This agent may spread through populations showing minimal or no symptoms, yet it would be fatal to the intended target.”

Unbelievable, but as I said given what we know about the current virus attacking certain age groups and the Black race it would appear they have made great strides. Guess whose name was mentioned in the Dartmouth report Hillary Clinton. “According to former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, “the emerging gene synthesis industry is making genetic material more widely available. A crude but effective terrorist weapon can be made using a small sample of any number of widely available pathogens, inexpensive equipment, and college-level chemistry and biology.”

Again unbelievable!

Keep your immune systems healthy. Now we know why even Dr Fauci’s and other scientists roles are pushed on us. And why President Trump doesn’t particularly like him.

Finally I want to talk about Transhumanism and how it might fit into the world order that countries like China, and the demoncrats here like obama, and Harris and the squad are pushing for. You know about the “Green New Deal” that will cripple our country. Let’s face it Joe Biden is clueless, he played his part with China through his son, and gave China access to things we most likely don’t even know yet. Every now and again Biden will cut loose with their plans. Look at the CNN banner behind Steve’s head. So more will die? Unless he gets in office right now? What does he know that we should?

Screen shot Steve Bannon War Room

We know how crazy the last 4 years have been. We were left confused, dazed and weary by all the attacks on President Trump. Attacks that are just now coming to light. I wrote at different times about AI and transhumanism, but this is almost in your face clear. President Trump did just what he said he would. God, through him, exposed darkness that was hidden for years. Deep darkness that only comes from one place. We are indeed in a Spiritual fight for not only our Republic but our faith.

I watched Steve Bannon’s show where he had Michael Matt, the editor in chief of Remnant News, I believe Steve called it the Remnant Army. His name is Michael Matt. What he said went deep into my mind like a hot iron. I have read anything I could on transhumanism and AI for years, Steve Quayle is the expert here, he has been warning for years. Before I share the topic, did you see the news conference by Justin Truedau, from Canada? in short he said this virus was their chance for the great reset. For world control, the green new deal. He looked jubulent.
Mr. Matt used 3 words to start his conversation. Logos, Davos and Soros. You can read his words here, titled Trumping Biden: Soros, Davos and the Logos. Were you aware that Soros said “Trump will disappear in 2020? It’s been reported that Soros and his open society for one are backing BLM and Antifa for starters. In Davos the world leaders meet to plot and plan, and have been saying some of these things for years. At least 20. Davos has been calling for the 4th industrial Revolution for years. Go to the World Economic Web site and you’ll find their discription, they are excited and pushing ahead at warp speed. of course they say this “But for most people around the world, the prospect of a future in which robots and computers can perform many human jobs is a source of profound personal concern.” (WECforum “How to survive the 4th Industrial Revolution) Now From their main website : “We stand on the brink of a tecnoligical revolution that will fundamentally alter the way we live, work, and relate to one another. In it’s scale, scope, and complexity, the transformation will be unlike anything humankind has experienced before.” They say it involves all stakeholders of the global polity. Wow.

So from Obama’s fundamental change of America to Davos’ fundamental change of the world. Get the picture yet? Matt also said what we’ve known for some time as the demoncrats can’t wait to tell us, they have no intention of going back to normal. This is the new normal. He said it gives a whole new understanding of humans and our dependance on computers.

And we all have seen the stories and pics of the AI from warriors to waiters, to self driving cars, to even Alexa or Siri. They want us to work and school from home. And as Steve’s cohost pointed out the Big tech censorship is the new book burning.

Those watching know this new world order has been in the works at least 2 decades. Logos is the word of God or Christ. “It is the Word of God, or principle of divine reason and creative order, identified in the Gospel of John with the second person of the Trinity incarnate in Jesus Christ.” They have initiated a takeover even using transhumanism to take over what it’s like to even be a human. First, which we have watched as Christianity and our values that we were founded on, attacked and ripped to shreds. “They had to first find a way to remove the power Christianity had in our Country. “ They had to remove the authority of Christ over even his church. How many churches have we watched fall to homosexuality and abortion? Too many to count. “This is bigger than Soros or Davos, we are in a spiritual fight.”
He went on to say with transhumanism that’s important to Davos, and something to pay attention to is the dems reluctance to the warp speed vaccine. (Cuomo refused it) Many dems are not happy about the vaccine. Again watch only news that searches for truth. Their reluctance to the vaccine is due to the swiftness that Trump put it together. Quite simply they weren’t ready for the transhuman effect they could inject. Everything, every piece of news and symbolism mean something. Steve and Matt are right, this ties in with biological warfare and genetic engineering.
The new Socialist Demoncrat party, is planning a new order of America and the world. We were warned but yet many are still sleep. I don’t know how much longer we will be able to write and speak truth. Big tech censors at every turn violating human rights. It will not be long if we lose this fight for our Republic and our Faith. So before you spout off hatred of Trump, think about the life you will have if the demoncrats succeed in stealing our Republic and freedoms. Stand firm, speak out and stand up.

Credit to Remnant News Michael Matt, Steve Bannon, World Economic Forum

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