Learning How History And Prophecy Is Effecting The Present-The Spirit Of Antichrist Is Alive And Well

The Spirit of Antichrist is alive and well in the godless democrat party of today as evidenced by heartless attacks both physical and emotional on America.

I’ve watched hundreds of videos and poured over unbiased news reports and I can only sound a warning. A warning that so many are sounding, and still they sleep. As I watched a documentary early today, about WWll and the concentration camps, chills ran down my spine. An American soldier was telling what he saw in the concentration camps. He told about conversations he had with men in the camps. Where he asked them why they were there, three resounding reasons they gave sent warning bells screaming for me.

  1. They had the wrong religion
  2. They were a member of the wrong POLITICAL Party
  3. They were the wrong race

This is fact, it’s history, it’s not made up opinions about the concentration camps and the slaughter of innocents by facists. It’s not conspiracy theory it’s fact. The Nazi’s attacked the above the same way as the so called woke democrat party are attacking today. Even using the domestic terrorist groups antifa and blm. There are multiple recordings on National TV and social media posts of the demoncrats today calling for lists to be made of all Trump supporters, so they will never work again.

There are calls from demoncrats that say we have to burn the republican party down. And don’t forget what the disgusting rioters/domestic terrorists of the summer declared “We will burn the system down if we don’t get what we want.” What do you think Obama has been doing these last 4 years? He’s been doing his job as a community organizer. Evidenced by BLM and antifa and governors and mayors ignoring and in some cases supporting and promoting these domestic terrorists. Where do you think “Defund the Police” came from. He’s been in the shadows since before Trumps innaugruation. When impeachment didn’t work, when false accusations of Russia interference didn’t work. They unleashed the demons from hell. Taking advantage of the china plague they used fear to control Americans, used it as a way to flood the election with millions of untraceable ballots. Now the threats begin to everyone who isn’t behind their stealing of power. One of Trumps lawyers were threatened so much they withdrew. Afraid of the backlash and losing their career.
Why keep on this subject? For Christian’s it should be obvious. Given all of the above, we were warned. Remember God does nothing without first releasing it to His prophets. Revelation was written for times like today. Truth is attacked, hard working Bible believing, Republic/freedom loving people are bullied and demanded to bow down and worship this facist, communist governnment or you won’t be able to buy sell or trade. Put the pieces together. Now do you see why we are in a fight between darkness and light? God blessed America and gave us freedoms that no other country on earth had, and all coveted. And now we are to just give it away and bow to almighty government and it’s dark demoncrat leader?

Now for evidence. Remember the Big Tech and Social media censorship, it’s still ramping up. Our President was censored over 100 times by Twitter alone, while Biden was censored zero times. According to a report in the Gray Zone, Joe Biden’s transition team includes Richard Stengel, whose posistion is the US Agency for Global Media. Why is this important? Richard Stengel described his old position at the State Department as “Chief Propagandist” and he enjoyed that title. In 2018 he said “I’m not against the use of propaganda against Americans.””Every country does it, to control their own population and I don’t necessarily think it’s awful.”

Are your eyes open yet? A host of information is being unleashed by truth seekers. Don’t ignore it. Even the prophet Daniel revealed the end would be a time where people ran to and fro searching for information. That is today. We can’t trust the media. We have to search and search for truth. Supreme Court Justice Alito said recently “the pandemic has led to unimaginable curbs on Liberty.” Thats a whole post in itself.
Multiple sites report that the voting machines that were used in battleground states are owned by Canada. “The votes were counted by a bankrupted Spanish company Scyti in Spain.” They declared bankruptcy in June. It was part of a broader analysis of security vulnerablities associated with digital voting.” And still Fox and other medias continue to screech like demons who have had holy water sprinkled on them screeching there is no evidence of election fraud. While page after page of affadavits from witnesses go uncovered.

Yesterday tens of thousands of the silent majority calling themselves “Stop the steal” held a MAGA march from Freedom plaza to the SCOTUS. It was amazing. So many carrying flags, singing the National Anthem, peacefully. Antifa a facist deomestic terrorist organization showed up as the march dispersed leaving only about 1/10th of the marchers, and attacked elderly and families, attacking children too. One man was stabbed and there are videos of them stomping a man’s head.

This older man was knocked off his bicycle

Andy NGO is a reporter, I could give many others but they’re all the same. These are domestic terrorists.

Videos show them holding their typical weapons, Skateboards. And yes these are deadly weopons in their hands. Remember we watched as they attacked in other states beating one man in paticular almost to death with this weaponized skateboard. Some reports say a few were arrested but the Mayor and police did nothing to stop this. They attacked people dining outside restaurants shooting fireworks at them.

And this is what the demoncrats call an “idea” not a group. They are terrorists period and they need to act accordingly to rid our nation of this terrorism. Do you see what lies ahead if Biden and the demoncrats backed by the community organizer obama actually get away with stealing this election from the people? This is not only an election, it’s a movement, a America first movement, a movement to stop the human rights abuses by the demoncrats like censorship, suppression of information, and other high crimes. And yet many think this is ok?

And in the middle of all this chaos, cities like Chicago and New York are putting lockdowns in place and canceling Thanksgiving, by telling people they can’t have family in their home for Thanksgiving. You can’t make this stuff up. Again using fear, could they have a more sinister plan like locking the country down while they finish the steal? And they continue to impose illegal restrictions on churches.

This is an ongoing evil, and we will post updates. For now visit Gregg Holt’s website TCP (True Conservative Pundit) He has many there who are reputable and speak the truth.
Stand firm, speak out, show no fear, God did not give us a spirit of timidity. Pray for those brave enough to stand at the gates of hell and confront evil like the terrorists Antifa. Pray for those being threatened like the poll watchers, and team on the ground fighting agianst election fraud. Pray for our President, and pray for America.

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Rev. 22:20 'Surely I am coming quickly, Amen. Even so, come Lord Jesus!'

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