The Stealing Of A Free Republic Blessed By God

“To remain silent in the face of evil is evil itself” This is why I speak out, this is why I believe we are in a fight with darkness for our very soul. So many do not realize that we are the light shining in the darkness of a dark and sinister world. Even Chinese people are standing with us, and rallying around us. Iranian people are doing the same. The world is watching and cheering us on. Are we to just lie down and let this evil overtake us? Chuck Schumer said after the election fraud, ” we’ll take Georgia, then we’ll take the world.” How much more do you need to understand what they have done?
For Years, the left and the demoncrats called Christian Conservatives and the right, conspiracy theorists. Well, it turns out that now, they are the conspiracy theorists. They really don’t expect us to believe that Lying Joe Biden received more total votes than Obama, or Clinton?
John Voight is right, this is a battle between darkness and light and these people are evil. I have written many times about the dark spirit of Anti-christ that resides in our Government, and the world. It’s the same spirit that raised it’s ugly head in WWll. Trump called it the swamp, many Christians are awakening to find that evil spirits have been unleased at warped speed. The rest have fallen to the great deception, they condone and are complicit in the murder of infants, and the mind bending idea that you can change your gender as early as age 8. We watched in horror and at the least concern as obama changed every custom we had. He allowed both boys and girls to use the same bathrooms and shower rooms in schools, he changed our definition of marriage and families, he set the Midlle East on fire, with the Arab Spring, and would have destroyed Egypt had the egyptian people not revolted. He emaboldened and emblazoned Iran, and gave them the green light to slaughter thousands of their own citizens who only wanted freedom. And now they expect us to believe the swill they are spewing. They have parterned with Social media and Big tech to suppress the flow of information, true information. Instance after instance is brought to light, about this, the New York Post was banned for breaking the story about the corruption of Joe and Hunter Biden in China and Ukraine. They were exposed by credible witnesses, and a ton of evidence like HIllary’s email and Weiner’s laptop. But they censored it. This is very serious. The suppression of the flow of information is a human rights abuse. It’s in the UN’s declaration, China does this. Iran does this. Ben Franklin once said, “Freedom of speech is a principal pillar of a free government;when this support is taken away, the constitution of a free society is dissolved, and tyranny is erected on it’s ruins.”

I heard Rudi Guiliani explain on Steve Bannon’s show tonight say that he had been banned from all media. CNN, MSNBC, NBC, ABC, and even Fox News refuses to allow him to lay out the evidence for election fraud. I know this to be true, because I have had Facebook, and Twitter block a post from me that shared information about this. They blocked it with a disclaimer that it was false or disputed. I kid you not. Post after post not only from me, but from others and even our President.

Never has a President of the United States been so abused by Media and Big Tech. Facebook removed the label of President of the United States today from his facebook account and replaced it with “Political Candidate.” Yes they did. In an interview with Nancy Pelosi, a reporter asked her if Big tech did enough to censor our President, yes they did, they actually said that. She spouted off some nonsense like always, but seriously, a reporter actually asked that. They don’t even try to hide it anymore.

Our Country is imploding. It truly is falling from within.
Never have I seen the numbers of people coming together in America as are today. Over 73 million people are coming together to speak out and they have had their voices silenced by media and Big tech. This is our time to speak. This is our time to shine our light. I can’t say enough that we are in a battle between darkness and light.
The evil coming from the demoncrats is far more than you can imagine. There’s a runoff election in Georgia between a Republican and Democrat, it’s of ultimate importance that the Republican win so that they can keep the Senate. Demoncrats are advertising every where they can using social media and media Andrew Yang is in Georgia and they are asking people to move to Georgia temporarily to register to vote and vote illegally in this runoff election. And that’s just a fraction of the criminal acts by demoncrats to steal the American peoples voice and vote. Thousands of mail-in ballots were dropped off in large numbers to those who never asked for them, thousands of these ballots were abused and no way to verify, and that’s only a drop in the bucket. Voting machines changed thousands of votes for Trump to votes for Biden. I believe those that report this. The Demoncrats themselves wrote letters of disdain for these very voting machines a year ago.
Why in the world would we have a foreign company bring voting machines to our country to run such an important US election? It’s the same as why would we have China responsible for producing most all of our medications?

The truth is they weaponized fear and used it to control the population.  They went to work implementing their plan to spread fear and propaganda and it worked perfectly.  Millions of people confined to their homes for weeks with only their internet, and TV.  Media went to work to aid in this dehuminization of Americans, and it worked.  Until it didn’t, people started to grow weary, suspicious and said enough!

China released a virus that attacked every country in the world. And nothing is said? It”s the opinion of many including myself this was an attack. There was a Chinese scientist who tried to tell her story, that backed that opinion and media shut her down, even Fox News. One question I have had is why is the world ignoring what China has done? Are they a part of this? Was this an attempt by the globalists to finalize one world government with China at the helm? Remember Joe Biden compromised himself with China, and China’s government controls all media there, nothing is broadcast without the Chinese Government’s knowledge. Sound familiar? Where is NATO? Why didn’t they send scientists to Wuhan to investigate, why is there no sanctions on China?
The demoncrats at the least used this crises to feed their lust for power and saw their chance. They swooped in on the China Virus and used it just like President Trump said, they abused the voting process, and I believe with the evidence that Trump’s lawyers and campaign is providing manufactured ballots and dumped them in the cover of darkness, until Biden appeared to be the winner. I sat election night with my jaw hanging open watching Fox News, and it was obvious they appeared as Biden supporters even calling Arizona before the polls were even closed.
John Voight also said, to put your trust in God but fight. These people are truly evil.
Speak out, President Trump united over 73 million people, gave them a voice and has done more to protect religious freedom than any other. We can’t give up, we cant go back to the way things used to be like the demoncrats are demanding. We must remain vigilant, and use our voices God gave us, to stand up for what is right. Pray that God shines His light exposing the darkness and evil, and that the duly elected President be known. Unplug from media like Fox News, CNN and others who are controlled by those demoncrats seeking to destroy our Republic. Seek out those who search for truth like Newsmax. Stay awake. And Trust in God and His will!

1 Peter 5:8
Be sober, be vigilant; because your adversary the devil, as a roarting lion, walketh about, seeking whom he may devour.

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Rev. 22:20 'Surely I am coming quickly, Amen. Even so, come Lord Jesus!'

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