The Godless Democrats And Their Reconciliation Committee

What is it? You have to look at South Africa to know why this is so dangerous. A tactic that third world dictators use to control the populace and suppress freedoms. Also look at the revolution in Cuba at how many freedom seekers were hunted and killed by Che Guevara. The thousands of people China executed in Tieneman square, and their treatment of the uighurs, or the thousands Iran killed in recent protests there or the freedom warriors imprisoned there. Or Mao Tse-Tung and the hundreds of thousands he killed. We are heading straight long into that darkness. They will leave a trail of destroyed lives like you’ve never seen before. A beast, they will crush everything under their feet.

They have stolen power and in my opinion they’ve stolen Valor. You see in the Bible the Hebrew word for Valor “can also mean a force of might, power, riches, or virtue.”(

They have stolen their power and valor, selling their soul and the soul of America for power and riches. To finish creating a new world order begun by both Bush’s and Obama.

It’s been slowly and patiently waiting and even has already begun in the last 4 years. Ask General Flynn and many others whose lives were destroyed by their committee (blacklist).

Iranians, Cubans and others have come out in great numbers here to warn of the road we’re on.

Many heeded their warnings but the number of those falling away and falling for this great deception is alarming. These tweets reek of secret agendas in play.


Already there are calls for Tucker Carlsons arrest. Remember Tucker was the only reporter who did his job on the Hunter Biden expose’. The New York Post was attacked and banned from social media for breaking the story. Fox News suspended Judge Janine last night. It’s beginning. We all know and watched as Fox News morphed into a government run news agency. I don’t speak of President Trumps government. I speak of the shadow government. Turn it off I did. I now watch Newsmax but if the shadow government continues to grow our choices will be dark. They want to push us back thousands of years where we are forced to gather in the cover of darkness much like the early church did. Meeting in private.

Are you ready for what’s coming? I am waiting on Gods final answer on the election. Trump could still win as he has exposed so much fraud. Even democrats like Andre Yang have said recently that the democrats have failed to understand the working class and basically said all they care about is riches and power. But even if Biden loses they will not give up their push for evil. They have already hamstrung our law enforcers, creating chaos and destruction. It appears to me anyway that many of the remaining republicans are already entering their corner preparing to bow to the great demoncrats and the beast they have helped to rise.

It will continue in the shadows until they collect every souls obedience, every mind will have their mark and belief system.

That’s why they don’t like us, they know we will never bow to a man or government.

It’s about to get real. What will you do? Will you shout I am not ashamed of Christ or cower and fall in line with the beast? It’s here and rearing it’s head. We’re living in the pages of prophecy. Prepare now or you’ll fall for the beast and one world government that will crush you under its feet for daring to follow Christ. All manor of deceit is about to manifest. Stay strong get with others like minded. Plant your feet and stand firm. Organize and pull your circle tight. Keep fighting for what you believe in.

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Rev. 22:20 'Surely I am coming quickly, Amen. Even so, come Lord Jesus!'

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