Look Back Before Looking Forward-Vote Your Christian Values

The memories of 2016 still linger as Americans grew weary of corruption in politics and the silent majority gave a businessman the keys to America. With the promise he would drain the swamp, build a wall and fight for the forgotten. He has done everything he promised. There is hope once again for those who work hard to achieve their dreams. He brought back jobs and made countless deals to put America first. He pulled us out of the insane Iran deal. And made peace in the Middle East where there was once hatred and war. A Arab spring that brought so much death and destruction that’s what Obama and Biden did. And they caused so much racial division here. Changed our custom of marriage and pushed infanticide. They left Americans to die in Benghazi and lied about it. The list of the corruption they left is long. Only now have our eyes been opened to the deep seated darkness that God has exposed.

It started on day one of Trumps presidency and waxed into the hate infected democrats tried to instill on Americans because we dared to defy them. And it’s only beginning. They destroyed countless lives like General Flynn and left countless lives scarred. They’ve burned down our cities, killed innocent people and destroyed Americans livelihoods. They have threatened Trump and his family with murder and rape to his wife and son. And still he fought for us. He gave his salary back every month to various organizations. He defended religious Liberty and stood for life and the demons raged. Remember Biden threatened to gut Religious freedoms as evidenced by his stance on supporting homosexuals, transgenders and the family. Antifa’s main goal is to do away with the nuclear family. Biden even said children as young as 8 I believe, could change their genders. He intends to make it impossible for Christians to live their values. To provide abortion or gender changes and same sex adoptions.

I’ve written about the stench of death in the superhighway of terror that Obama’s failed foreign policies enabled. Yes he was an enabler. But the stench coming from the rage and destruction of these last four years will linger in history. Trump went against the globalist cabal to put us first and denounce a new global order. And the demons rage increased. Russiagate failed as God exposed the false testimonies.

I admit I fought the idea that Trump was anointed by God but as God exposed the underworld I believe wholeheartedly God used him for His purpose. I don’t claim to be a prophet. I don’t know what will happen with this election. Except it will be Gods will and we’ve witnessed miracles before. It will be such that we look up and say God you did that didn’t you. Our hope is in God.

I have never seen in my lifetime the excitement, the joy or love of a President than I’ve seen these last few weeks. Not since 911 have I seen most all of Americans pray together.

I could go on and on but everything that rolls off Biden’s tongue is a lie and hate filled. Let’s not forget that Biden compromised himself with China and in so doing compromised our National Security. Their manifesto follows those like Marx almost to the letter. Many Christians still vote for democrats even after God exposed their support for infanticide. Bowing to the world view and the slaughter of innocent babies in their mothers wombs. Remember God knew us even before he formed us.

They lied throughout the plague about the origin and all things concerned. China unleashed a virus on the world and has not been sanctioned or rebuked. China through their actions locked the world down and destroyed some of the largest economies and innocent people.

President Trump has dealt with them in other ways like trade etc. He’s been tough on China. Biden said he will beat the virus but not until he beats Trump. Again it seems that he’s withholding a cure or treatments as a threat. Facebook, Twitter and google are censoring Christian conservatives at rapid rates. Suppression of the flow of information violates human rights. Even the UN agrees with that. Yet here we are post after post removed or buried like the story about Hunter Biden.

This the most important election for a President in history. With the exception of Lincoln who pushed for abolition of slavery. They are race baiting us period. BLM and Antifa are terrorists period. We are all Americans without color to separate us. Only the democrats are exhibiting racism. I know that’s a broad statement but Biden said to the blacks “you ain’t black if you don’t vote for me.” Maxine Waters called blacks who vote for Trump shameful and said she’d never forgive them. She’s not Christian.

Just know that God is watching and I still believe that we are the key to Gods blessing or His Judgement. Stand firm and hold the line!


Election 2020: The ‘Secret Vote’ – Minorities for Donald J. Trump

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  1. So true, we can only hope that many have “seen” the light and realize what a sham the Democrat’s promises are. They are all talk and no action, unless said action benefits them where it counts – money and political power, as well as the advancement of socialism.
    I will still hold to my prediction made years ago – Trump will win, and win in a landslide. God help us all if I’m wrong.
    Blessings to you my friend.


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