Tactics Of A Psychotic Media-What Should Christians Do?

“Gaslighting is a form of psychological manipulation in which a person or a group covertly sows seeds of doubt in a targeted individual or group, making them question their own memory, perception, or judgment…”(Wikipedia)

I know what gaslighting is I lived it in an abusive relationship years ago. One of the signs is they lie even when there’s proof! The MSM is gaslighting you. Now the Obamas are joining in the parade to boost #CorruptJoeBiden. During Obama’s reign I was shocked to see the number of people who didn’t recognize it. Remember Benghazi!

Another tactic of gaslighting is the demeaning of you if you have a different opinion than them. Making you question everything you know to be true or hold dear. Look at the signs! Watch what they’re doing. From the plague to Corrupt Joe Biden. And remember Benghazi!

The media and democrats have been using psychological tactics like never before. One instance is the lie that President Trump has not denounced White Supremacy, while he has multiple times. Another is the lie that preexisting conditions in our healthcare will be removed. He signed an executive order protecting these. But they lie. Joe Biden has compromised himself with China and in so doing has compromised our National Security. The same as Obama with Iran.

Lies are from Satan the father of lies. Recognize these tactics. Because even social media and google have joined this sickness. Burying evidence of the lies they tell.

Satan uses these same tactics of lies and demeaning truth and morals.

Senator Lindsey Graham said it best. “If they (Dems) get back power God help us all. “

We are in a fight with darkness like never seen since our founding. Dark spirits have been unleashed in massive numbers. If your Pastor hasn’t told you this he’s failing. Watchmen everywhere are sounding the trumpet of impending danger if we don’t act. It’s obvious and they are not hiding it any longer. Hatred has taken over like I have never seen. Franklin Graham said never in his lifetime has he seen such hatred. The boomers lived through hatred and thought we had stopped it for the most part. The greatest generation lived through one of the most horrific periods of hatred ever and they thought they stopped it. It’s rearing it’s ugly head again. Who will God send to stop it this time?

Whole swaths of our population are manipulated. The demoncrats wasted no time they couldn’t allow the head of the snake to be taken off after they had come so far with the unrest and division sowed by Obama. Their one world order was threatened. They went to work immediately even before President Trump was inaugurated. They destroyed lives of God fearing Patriots like General Flynn and anyone who supported truth and our President. Taking away a support system they moved in for what they thought was a fatal blow. Made up charges and false accusations led by demoncrats to impeach a duly elected President for crimes they themselves were committing. Corruption was revealed and still they lied. HRC and the demons declared war on Americans who opposed socialism, murder by abortion and refused to be manipulated trusting in God instead. This war has to be stopped. Christians do need to vote. And stop defending those with blood and deceit on their hands. You can not defend the practices of democrats and be a Christian. Actually you can now say you can’t vote Democrat and be American! There I’ve said it. Christ does not condone abortion I don’t care what you’ve been told. Biden said children as young as 8 years old could decide to become transgender. Christ does not condone this either. We do not worship created things. We worship the creator.

Stop allowing the gaslighting of the media to influence you. Stop listening to influencers. Stop and ask God for guidance. Judge for yourself with the Bible as your guide. Vote for life, vote for freedom or our freedoms will be stripped. Christ set us free, stop defending those who say our beliefs are outdated and have no part in our Country. Our Country is Blessed because we put God first. Now they are pushing God away for the promise of power and humanistic eutopia. Don’t believe them. God is speaking and revealing the deep seated darkness for all to see. Watch and warn. We are the key to unlocking Gods judgement or Gods Blessing. We are at a historical spiritual crossroad. Choose wisely.

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Rev. 22:20 'Surely I am coming quickly, Amen. Even so, come Lord Jesus!'

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