Demonic Forces Are Battling For Control

I lost a dear friend, not through death but to satanic ideology and drugs like heroin and opioids, the drug addiction could have been beaten as so many are fighting this, but that’s where the satanic ideology comes in. This friend surrounded himself with dark people even taking the satanic anarchist symbol proudly on his body as if it were the mark of the beast. Despite good people pleading and trying to help. Educate your children. Turn them away from this. Talk to them about what is happening let them understand the wickedness and evil hatred at work. It’s not about diversity,it’s not about helping those less fortunate, it’s not about standing with our Black brothers and sisters, it’s about hate and evil. If you don’t teach them they will be indoctrinated. Satan wants the minds and souls of our youth, they think there is power with him. I’ve heard it over and over from satanist i’ve tried to help. There is power but not in Satan there is power in the blood of Christ! Everything these groups like Antifa and even BLM believe and act on is against the Gospel of Christ. The liberals have been very patient over the decades slowly spreading doctrines of demons until every young mind was spoiled. And today we’re seeing the outcome of this. Educate your children and the young around you.

Looking at all events I can come to the conclusion that these riots are not the underdog protesting oppression it’s evil forces attempting to move into a new world order and force God and Christ completely out. It’s demonic in nature and the sooner Christians see this the better. Our fight is not against people but against demonic forces as Paul warned. A Catholic Bishop recently said Trump is fighting demons and I agree. Pray for him and our land.

Remember the world is watching and the people from true oppression are counting on us. If America falls to the left world chaos will ensue. The humanistic belief of their coveted one world order threatens the last vestige of freedom. We can’t let that happen.

Ask God to protect his people for though they have legions Gods people are many too. Ask God to cleanse our land. Ask God to Bless America again!

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  1. repent of all pride, be humble in the presence of the ALMIGHTY God for He comes quickly and with sudden,
    unannounced timing! yes, maranatha, Lord Jeus!


Rev. 22:20 'Surely I am coming quickly, Amen. Even so, come Lord Jesus!'

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