Did California Legalize Pedophilia? Fact Checkers Say No

Social media has been on fire many saying California has legalized pedophilia. The fact checkers are wearing themselves out and wringing their hands and gnashing their teeth trying to justify a new law, California SB145. After all they have to protect the vile. I’ve found that fact checkers are almost as bad as the fake media. They fit together like puzzle pieces, making great propaganda tools. Blurring the lines so it’s impossible to see true fact.

It may not legalize pedophilia but it’s still depravity and debauchery any way you look at it. Following along the leftist rules for radicals, changing all family values and morals it thrusts lewdness into our children’s lives by normalizing sex both heterosexual and homosexual. A vulgar and obscene sexual pleasure has just been played out as normal and innocent. By making this law it has opened a Pandora’s box.

This is my opinion, children at a tender age of 14 trying to find their way and working through puberty will now be influenced by those using a law to normalize twisted behavior. The law makes it legal for an adult to have heterosexual or homosexual relations, and normalizes both, with a child of 14, by giving a judge authority to declare that the offender not be registered as a sexual offender. The law was written to confuse and allow individual interpretation. Thereby de-criminalizing and taking away a safety net protecting children. (Registry of sexual offenders)

Now for boys, puberty doesn’t end until 16. For girls 14 is still a tender age. Consenting adults choose their sexual preference and they have that right. That’s why God gave us free will. But it doesn’t make it acceptable to all. Or mean that you can justify sin to others.

The Roman Empire slid into debauchery in much the same way, and look how that turned out for them. It is satans desire to destroy Christian values and burn down Christ’s church. He must be jubilant. All manners of evil has been called good and good has been called evil. If your watching for the kingdom of the beast look no farther for it is here!

We must, and I mean must educate our children. For not speaking to them we are throwing them to the wolves so to speak. It’s foolish to think we don’t have to talk and teach our children. If we don’t teach them the world will! God will not hold us blameless for helping, by our silence to contribute to sin against children. Just as with abortion, voting for those who hold to these ways will leave blood on your hands. Yes it’s in Gods book. But if you do warn the wicked person to turn from their ways and they do not do so, they will die for their sin, though you yourself will be saved. (Ezekiel 33:9)

Speak out.

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  1. C J . . . I just wanted you to know that Earl Cloud went home into the Loving Arms of JESUS on Year of Our LORD, 9.20.2020 . He was ready. / J. + + +


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