What Happened To United Under One Banner As AMERICANS?

Take back our country. Allowing marxists to wreak havoc on citizens and property is not a constitutional right. The constitution does not allow terrorists to burn down our cities and our rights because they don’t like it. Our constitution does not give rights to those who destroy.

The very officials screaming government over reach because troops are being sent to restore law and order are the ones mandating illegal rules like masks, or no church services or in favor of locking down all of society. And the very people screaming about those rights are the ones that say make the police enforce mask rules. Laughable but it’s pathetic. They are also the ones you see backing abortion with my body my choice. Of course except when it comes to wearing a mask or a vaccine. Again laughable but pathetic.

Then there’s religion. Have we forgotten about the Revolutionary war and one of the biggest reasons it was fought? They pushed that right out of the history books. A war on religious freedom was waged from the King of England and even Pastors went to help. “After years of division the religions of the United States were finally united under one banner; that of ‘being American’. This left them free to embark on their next crusade; ensuring the abolition of slavery in their fledgling state of independence.”(PBS)

No more freedom of religion, you’ll believe what your told in the new woke world religion or else. Like Christ was not perfect, there are many ways to heaven, Christ supports abortion, Christ supports homosexuality, and Christ is black so whites, yellows, and browns are out of luck. Christ supports communism and social justice, Christ was the first refugee and it goes on and on.

Get the picture yet? Our Nation that God set apart to be a light is doomed if we remain on this path. Not hyperbole fact.

We are not like other nations who kill their own simply for wanting the freedoms we have here. But we are the only nation not willing to fight the enemy within today who is destroying our freedoms. Think about that for a while.

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Rev. 22:20 'Surely I am coming quickly, Amen. Even so, come Lord Jesus!'

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