Still Think This Is About Racism?

This evil overtaking America might have started as innocent protests about the death of George Floyd but it is far from that now. It’s far from racism. America does not have systemic racism, it does not flow through the veins and arteries or even America’s soul. There are pockets yes, but even those are far and few between. I live in an area that greets millions of people from all over the country and even the world. I would scream it from the roof top if I saw the type of racism spoken of in the propagandist news media. I would and will stand shoulder to shoulder with anyone experiencing any form of racism. I have and will continue. That said this is not about racism. It’s about Marxism, socialism and Black liberation theology all rolled into one.

Here is a photo I took from the TV. I’m not very tech savvy, but in this photo of rioters note the sign they were holding up. Yes it says circumcision so antisemitism is at the top. So let that sink in. Those who yell America is racist are antisemites.

Then in another shot of protestors there was a boy and I say boy because they resemble 2 year olds destroying their room in a tantrum, he was holding and waving a book high as if it were the Bible. It has a swastika on the cover. The title?

“The plot Against America.” I looked it up. The title is misleading as it is an alternate reality published in 2004, that portrays Charles Lindbergh beating Roosevelt as president and turns America into a Communist state. Still think it’s about racism?

This week a leader of the BLM movement ranted on “The Story” on Fox about Christians who worship a white Christ. He declared Christ Black. He’s too diluded by Satan to understand the Gospel of Christ. Christ died for all lives, no special brand or color, but all lives. Are we seriously arguing about the skin color of our Lord? As he ranted about Black liberation and threatened that If they didn’t get what they wanted they would burn down the system. He said we could figure out if it was meant literal or figurative. What system would they be burning? Our Republic, the Constitution and everything it stands for. They are destroying every vestige of our history and heritage. Even those who fought for emancipation. Destroying all times and customs. America’s history reminds us of a painful struggle to be free. It’s ours all of it is ours to learn from and improve,not domestic terrorists with only treasonous death and destruction as their goal. Look at Seattle do you want to live in a country like Chaz??

That’s the end goal. Burn America to the ground and emerge an evil socialist, Marxist Phoenix from the ashes. One that respects no one or even a God. They consider themselves God. You will find George Soros and Bill Ayers and Bernadine Dorn’s fingerprints all over this mess. (More) As well as almost every Democrat in America. Did you really think they would stop at General Flynn? Or President Trump? They are removing every Patriot past and present that stands in their way. As Christians we bow only to God. We answer and repent only to Him. Remember Obama’s pastor was heavy into black liberation theology. BLM is not what it appears to be. America better wake up and wake up fast. Our President and lawmakers had better wake up and act very fast! Remember they’ve had decades to poison the minds of our youth. Our country is under attack from the demons within. Our Constitution is under attack. Today they say they will tear down a statue of Abraham Lincoln freeing the slaves. While a statue of Lenin remains untouched in this Country, in America. In Wisconsin the mob attacked a democratic state Senator. In the land of Chaz 4 people have been shot and a young black man killed. Businesses and residents there are suing the city. And still they do nothing. Still think this is about racism?

Credit to Tucker Carlson and Sean Hannity

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  1. I pray Jesus is still in control, but, but I believe we are in The End of Days, when Christ returns. There will much chaos and death.

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Rev. 22:20 'Surely I am coming quickly, Amen. Even so, come Lord Jesus!'

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