Awakening To Our Alternate Reality—Are We Opening Doors That Can’t Be Closed?

The 8 years that preceded President Trump brought race divides and social unrest not seen in decades in America. It was the beginnings of identity politics. Then came Trump. Then came the chaos causing radical liberals. Still the American spirit and God stood in the way, after 3 years of media and democratic hate mongering still Americans stood strong together.

Then came a “flu on steroids” crises like never before seen. A world crises. And Satan was overjoyed. Now was his time finally here to kill Gods spirit in a whole country. And even the world. It’s been his mission from the start. Churches were shut down, God and prayer was mocked. Citations are issued for defying the shuttering of churches, and now a Mississippi church has been burned to the ground with the words “now you will stay home hypokcrites “ sprayed on the driveway. Liberals everywhere are coming out of the closet and attacking with ferocity those who cling to their bibles and liberty and freedom.

Christians were caught sleeping and fell in line with tyrannical moves to make God and His Son insignificant.

Whatever you believe about the last 4 years, you have to admit looking back that President Trump set the world on its heels. The liberal new world order crowd thought their indoctrination and transformation was complete. After all HRC was set to cross over the finish line with total transformation.

Then something that resembles the hand of God happened. Of course the darkness hovering over America couldn’t allow that. And the silent coup began.

Trump has exposed more corruption and darkness than anyone since our founding fathers. The Clintons, and many more liberals like Obama have many literal skeletons in their closet. Good people like General Flynn have been destroyed in their wake. All to gain power and control. Population control, Eugenics (abortion and selective IVF) have been an obsession of the left for decades. Actually centuries.

Cuomo ordered nursing homes to take patients positive with this flu on steroids causing thousands of unnecessary deaths to the most vulnerable. Did he knowingly participate in non-voluntary euthanasia or even senicide? That’s what evidence suggests. Of course he blames others after it was brought to light.

Senecide (“Senicide, or geronticide, is the killing of the elderly, or their abandonment to death”)and euthanasia can be traced back to Ancient Rome.

The media gives the crises total servitude 24-7. Indoctrinating young and old alike with fear and claims of death if you don’t comply. Every day in America, a country built on freedoms bringing far and wide those who want freedom to have their dreams reality, has media announce “more businesses given the OK to open” . How sad is that. Permission to open your business in a free country?

We have officially entered an alternate reality foreign to Americans but more so to Christians who were born again into freedom from Christ. Jews are also targeted with us for extinction. Passover and Easter were downplayed even threatened by officials while Ramadan took center stage. They made it sound like that was the only religious celebration for all.

I’m not inciting hatred only commenting on the facts. Facts that we had better pay attention to. America and the world has been transformed before our very eyes just as predicted. Just as prophesied. Doors have been opened that may never close again. Portals have been opened and as Paul warned “we fight not against flesh and blood but rulers of darkness and principalities in high places” (Ephesians 6)

God did not leave us defenseless or in a spirit of fear. But of boldness and faith. Put on that armor and stand in the face of evil, stand up for Jesus.

We are a peace loving Nation but we can’t march silent into darkness.

The divides caused by the propaganda fear mongers are creating chasms that promise to never close. Even the forcing of people to wear a mask has turned into political statements of solidarity. So much so that people who don’t conform are targeted,shamed and threatened with death wishes. Those who don’t wear a mask are refused service to buy at some businesses and are being fired or forced to quit employment. This compounds the millions unemployed by the crises. Finally able to return to work and then promptly fired or forced to quit. Not being able to buy or sell falling into poverty for not bowing at the altar of those in power. I don’t even recognize our country. It resembles Revelations more everyday.

I can’t even imagine what Christ thinks or the anguish he must feel, but I do know that He will protect those who call to Him for salvation. I remember the words of my Dad during these dark days. “We’re winners either way.” And I hear Christ’s words when I’m down, as written by Paul in 1Corinthians 2

But as it is written, Eye hath not seen, nor ear heard, neither have entered into the heart of man, the things which God hath prepared for them that love him.

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  1. I love what you say about Christians were caught sleeping and fell into line with tyranny. Here in Australia every single church has been shut down with literally not one peep of protest, not the slightest resistance, its like much if the church is enjoying the break. It’s very very sad. We are having home church now but more than 5 people is illegal. I think of Acts “we must obey God rather than men” and think we have crossed over into this now

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