“The Devil Is In The Details”— Ignorance Is Not Bliss

Ignorance: the state or fact of being ignorant : lack of knowledge, education, or awareness (Miriam Webster)

We have some of the most uneducated, ignorant media in the world. There I said it. It’s the truth. Robot zombies is what they are. Freedom of the press for the majority is an illusion. Proved and prompted by the political left they have no intelligent life in them only repeaters of what their told. Have you listened to the questions they ask at the press briefings? Reporters used to investigate before reporting. Only a handful know and practice this.

President Trump is right they don’t have the brains they were born with. So let’s get right to it. I haven’t spoken with, but have read multiple articles and social media posts by those medical professionals on the front line. And from my own teaching and experience and even discernment given by God here are questions that the media should be asking instead of pummeling stupidity at the President.

1. Expand on the disease process. Labeling it a respiratory illness is not enough. Detail the process. It’s been hinted that the lungs fail. How? Do the alveoli explode, plug or collapse?

2. It’s been reported that blood clots form in the lungs. Expand please.

3. It’s been reported that mechanical ventilation actually hurts the lungs and pressure can collapse the lungs. Some report non-invasive ventilation works best. Where are the reports of deaths caused by this?

4. What are the doctors reporting that actually works? For instance respiratory therapies such as nebulizers or breathing treatments as they are commonly called. This machine is used to promote bronchodilators and other medicine into the lungs and bronchial tubes. Are they using these? Are they working? If not why not?

5. What do autopsies show? Do they give info on what treatments may work?

6. Are they only treating symptoms?

7. Expand on antiviral medicines and viricides and what has been used and it’s effectiveness.

8. Last but not least this virus has been studied for years who has the antidote? Is there no information available? Why have the scientists studying this kept silent about antidotes? Why is prevention the only antidote? In other words bleach and UV light is all they have?

I’m so very tired of watching a propaganda machine spread fear that death is imminent to all who disobey a takeover of our freedoms and country. Never before have we seen such oppressive measures as communist countries place on their people here in America.

And I ask the question daily how did we let this happen?When people really wake up and realize what has been done it will be too late. Civil unrest is what I fear. Why have we allowed this to happen? What have we done to ourselves?

Millions are suffering from the effects of economic shutdown. Millions are losing their quality of life not from illness but from the takeover of liberties.

We have some of the top scientists and Doctors in the world working on this and the media can’t come up with one intelligent question. It’s very sad. Why’s is testing testing testing all they are worried about? What good is testing if there is no antidote or cure?

Pray for our President.

1 Corinthians 3

19 For the wisdom of this world is foolishness with God. For it is written, He taketh the wise in their own craftiness.

The wisdom of the world today is graphs and models that have been proven foolish. Find a treatment or sit down.

Bertrand Russell said “A stupid man’s report of what a clever man says can never be accurate, because he unconsciously translates what he hears into something he can understand.”

I’ll leave this here. Turn off the lame media. If you want to know truth about your immune system and the adverse effects of the shutdown through science watch these 2 Doctors from California. Then listen to the ignorance of the reporters asking questions near the end.


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