The Doctor God’s Have Spoken

I’ve never shied away from hot button issues, and this is surely one of those.  I’ve remained silent long enough. I respect our medical professionals, but I do not worship at their altar.  God gave us Doctors and medicines but some have developed a “god complex.” A god complex is a narcissistic personality disorder.  I have met quite a few like that. We stare at one every day now.  


Shaming and hate is out of control.  Shaming on the news, social media and in public has skyrocketed and has become the new normal.  The fearmongers in the media have exploded causing neighbors to turn against neighbors and encouraged this.  

Even those who identify as Christian are at the head of the shaming mob.  Screaming and shouting for people to go away, and the looks people get for buying things like plants, and paint are pitiful.  

Then there are the Christians shaming churches who choose to hold in person services.  It’s great if you want to have on-line services but why hate and shame those who want personal fellowship in this dark time?  On Easter a church in Kentucky had the State Police place tickets on every car threatening to quarantine. And every license plate was recorded.  This is tyranny and is unacceptable. And Christians were commenting approving the police state. Imagine Christians in the early church demanding that others be stoned?

In one city a man was drug from a bus for not wearing a mask.

No, don’t test the Lord your God, but really?  Those who practice safe guidelines are not testing God.  Iranian muslims allowed and encouraged licking of their shrine in Qom to test their god.  That is not what these faithful are doing. They practice guidelines of safety and are still condemned.  You still go to the grocery store practicing safe guidelines, but you can not go to church and do the same?  

We have been lied to from the start.  Yes this is a serious virus, but so was polio and TB or consumption as it was called at the turn of the Century.  Ebola is a serious disease, but did we shut the world completely down, locking everyone in their homes.  Another Doctor god, the director of the WHO (who isn’t even a medical doctor) threatened President Trump and said the US would have more body bags if we pulled funding from the WHO.  An organization that has clearly lied to the world from the beginning.  Yes the Doctor god’s have been spinning their fear and lies from the beginning, if you don’t believe that, it’s ok, but look at the numbers they have inflated, deflated and reconfigured from the beginning.  And they are not working this out on their own, they are relying totally on numbers from models by Artificial intelligence.  And for that Millions of Americans and millions from other countries are suffering.  The isolation and destruction of economies and societal norms are extremely more dangerous than the disease itself.  

Look at how the comparison of numbers from 2018 lay out

Hospitals as it turns out, are not overwhelmed as we have been told.  In fact many are laying off because of low numbers. That’s the truth.  


The Doctor god’s have spoken and the people are bowing.  Hatred is rampant. On social media I have read many comments from people who attack those like me who believe this way, saying I hope you and your family get sick and die.  Really? When did mob mentality take over? When our society broke down and gave in to fear. That’s when. Many are attempting to warn but are met with hate.  


The head Doctor god stated in January that Americans had nothing to worry about because the virus didn’t transmit from animals to humans, blah, blah, blah.  Now he’s back peddling as if the devil was chasing him. Now he wants the police state to remain until there is a vaccine, or every one has a medical card. And that’s 18 months away.   Read that again. And would you be the first in line for a vaccination, a chip or card? A data base of DNA and whether or not you had the virus. Already they are making it mandatory for essential workers to carry papers stating they are essential workers.  


I read a post today in a private group from a dairy farmer, they stated they received a letter from the Government instructing them to cull their herd, stop feeding them large amounts to reduce or force them to dry up.  They are already dumping thousands of gallons of milk into the ground. Eggs are being destroyed.  Crops are being plowed under and farmers are being told they can receive help from stimulus money. What will happen to our food chain? That should be obvious.  It’s already clear what the President will do. Governors today announced their government imposed lockdowns would continue.  One state Governor is refusing to allow people to buy seeds or plants!  There are calls from all over for the head Doctor god to be fired, but the White House stands by him. Sad really.  


President Trump will be blamed no matter what he does.  I pray that God gives him wisdom and courage. Our entire world is changing, and what will emerge out of the fog is terrifying, more than the disease itself.  

1 Corinthians 14:33 For God is not a God of disorder but of peace—as in all the congregations of the Lord’s people.

1 John 4:1  Dear friends, do not believe every spirit, but test the spirits to see whether they are from God, because many false prophets have gone out into the world

This should be our prayer for President Trump: 1 Kings 3:9  So give your servant a discerning heart to govern your people and to distinguish between right and wrong. For who is able to govern this great people of yours?”

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