Hatred And Vengeance Opening Dark Portals To The Occult

I don’t have to list examples of hatred, for it’s reached a level that everyone has witnessed.  We have been warning about the hatred unleashed by those on the left for over 3 years. It’s astonishing.  One article hit the nail on the head. We have been warning about the demonic that resides in the hatred also for years.  Hate lives in Satan. Period. Today a Drudge headline stated the obvious question, “Why witchcraft is on the rise.” Simply put, it resonates with “unrest, instability and trust in establishment ideas”.  It explains that when frustrations rise people turn to the occult. And I agree. They cite feminism, most recently with the #MeToo movement. They say that “Trump must contend not only with the resistance movement but with the magic resistance movement that sells spells to hex corporations and protect the reproductive rights of women.”  Got that? They share spells to elevate and protect abortion! And did you know there was a Facebook group called #BindTrump Facebook group? They cast spells to curb the President’s powers. They even have their own symbol that one person say’s resembles the hanged man from the Tarot cards. 

Do you really need more proof of where this hatred is coming from? And there are even so called “Christian witches.”

The left has opened a portal to hell and we are ticket holders to the great deception and falling away.  

It’s not conspiracy or hyperbole any longer.  The demonic activity perpetrated by the left is obvious.  Mexico is enduring protests over the recent killing and skinning of a woman, violence is overwhelming across the globe.  Africa is enduring a locust invasion that as others put it, comes straight out of the book of Exodus. The epidemic coming from China is growing exponentially.  It’s hard to watch.  

Christians who take to their knees in times of duress, disaster and world chaos are waning as satanic rituals and vile hatred permeate every aspect of life.  This is so significant, the fact that humanity would turn to the occult instead of God, is mind boggling. Democratic candidates are proudly proclaiming they will protect “womens reproductive rights” (translation Abortion) and they will make us safe by taking weapons from citizens.  Touting that they and only they can protect, and provide blessings in the form of wealth for everyone. And people are swallowing this swill without question. Obama opened the door to acceptance of sexual immoralities by changing the biblical laws of marriage. Even redefining God’s creation of man and woman.  Now there are so many genders it’s impossible to keep up. There is even non-sexual genders. How can you be a non person? Sex change operations are now paid by insurance companies and children are taught at a very early age they can change their sex. Not only taught but encouraged. Some even wating until later to claim a childs sex until the child is old enough to say what it is.  And now men who identify as women can compete in women’s sports and vice versa. Unbelievable! And yet many deny the satanic takeover of America, and the world. And I’m not apologetic about speaking out against the tearing down of America’s conservatives values, nor the Biblical values our Country was founded on. I’m not homophobic, but really? Are we to accept a marriage invented by men as an example of America, as in a Democratic candidate who believes that a “FMOTUS”(First man of the United States) is acceptable?  The Bible calls it an abomination. As Christians we are commanded to love everyone. And I do, but I can’t remain silent about a downward viral spin toward debauchery. I don’t advocate hatred, but I do recognize behaviors as toxic to the Gospel of Christ. I have said before, I have had many around me who adopt this lifestyle. I love them dearly, but they know that I can not turn from my belief or God’s word. I pray for them, and allow God to judge, and realize they have freedom to choose their lifestyle, but I will speak out when faced with a choice to denounce Faith for public acceptance or Political Correctness or tolerance.  ! John 4 tells us we love because He first loved us. You can’t claim to love God and hate a brother or sister, whoever does is a liar. How can I judge a heart like Nancy Pelosi’s or any of the left? I can’t but I can judge their actions toward others. I give their dark deeds to God. He will definitely judge them if the seeds of darkness and hate reside in them.

Open your eyes, look around as the hatred swirls evil like a dark fog overtaking our land, it is in fact straight from the book of Exodus.  We are in a great spiritual battle, I pray daily for God to protect His people and draw all to Him. He is shaking the world just as He did in Egypt, trying to wake us up, trying to show that He is God, and just as in the day’s of Noah also, all ignore the signs and warnings from God.  It’s not climate change, but it is God’s warnings, as is the plagues being unleashed, it’s prophecy. 

“If my people who are called by my name, turn from their wicked ways I will heal their land.”

Pray for Mercy.  Speak out while we can.  

The Bible warns throughout of hatred, it also warns about ignoring sin and states that we will share in the sins of the world if we remain silent.  (Leviticus 19:17-18) Christ saved a woman from being stoned for adultery by pointing out the sins of her accusers, but He also told her “go and sin no more.” God judges a heart, our job is to love our neighbor and rebuke sin, and spread the Good News.  There is only one way! And remember the warnings of old:

Psalm 36:

In their own eyes they flatter themselves too much to detect or hate their sin.  The words of their mouths are wicked and deceitful; they fail to act wisely or do good.  Even on their beds they plot evil; they commit themselves to a sinful course and do not reject what is wrong.

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