Why? “We Will Perish For A Lack Of Knowledge”

Why? That seems to be the most asked question of the day. Why are Americans most specifically Christians falling for, promoting and even voting for debauchery? I know I have spent many sleepless and restless nights asking God and myself this question.

Watching news programs recently I saw an interview of young college students awaiting the Iowa Caucus, and defending and explaining why they are promoting varied democratic candidates. One student proudly proclaimed he was Christian and would vote his beliefs. Sounds great right? A college student proclaiming his Christian faith. Then he turned my head around and upside down as he explained his candidate was Bernie Sanders. He explained that Bernie exhibited love, and that’s what his belief system was. Whaat? Bernie Sanders exudes hate from his pores. His policies on Abortion, alone should have been a warning sign to this young man, let alone his socialist, communist views. Socialism is not about love. It’s about control, it’s about hate for those who don’t follow them. The mis-informed, and the youth think that Socialism is all about free, free education, free healthcare, free stuff. They think poverty is caused by Capitalism, it is not. Capitalism promotes equal opportunity. Socialism promotes robbing from those who have and actually creates more poverty. Look at California, and other cities run by democrats today. It’s shocking. Socialism promotes government dependence and actually denounces work ethics. The rich leave in droves. The young man above said that he was using Scandinavia as a example. In the first place Scandinavia has announced that it is not a socialist country. These countries practice free market economics, not government controlled. Taxes are high, very high and not only for the rich. Why am I spending time on this? Because we are at a very dangerous crossroads, a dark crossroad, and there is a great deception leading even the believers away. Christ did not promote socialism. Period. This is a view of the anti-christ. Not Christ. Remember Obama said the sermon on the mount was radical. So, the meek shall inherit the earth, and Blessed are the peace makers is radical? The democrats have been loudly proclaiming the transformation they think we need, the transformation into the silencing of Christians and conservatives included. Pushing humanistic views down the throats of others, changing laws to validate their humanistic, socialistic views. Again, this is so very important. Take the time to investigate, research and learn what democratic socialism means. There is not one democratic candidate running today that does not believe in socialism. Bernie Sanders is vocal, while the others tout the policies of socialism, they do so quietly. Abortion, government controlled healthcare, government controlled wages, government controlled education, government controlled religion, these are all socialist beliefs, and they all believe this. Bloomberg is one of the worst. Look at the policies he attempted or put into practice while Mayor of New York. Remember he didn’t think Americans could choose what size soft drink they could choose. Banning any drinks over 16 ounces. They all think that you can murder an infant up to and after birth. Why would a Christian vote for this? It boggles the mind. Schiff implied Americans couldn’t be trusted to vote. What he most likely meant to say was that millions of Americans beliefs and convictions are against what they want, and they will win at any cost. Even if it shreds our constitution. And infringes on our Liberties given us by Christ, our founding fathers and the Constitution. They are the dictators, they are the liars, they are the misogynist’s, they are the racist’s, they are the haters, oh yes they are. If you disagree with that you have either drank the kool-aid or you have been in a coma for the last year.
Nancy Pelosi showed what respect she had for America, and our Constitution, when she ripped up a historical document ripping through the names of heroes honored in the SOTU address. Never, even with President Trump’s outspoken bold actions has such deranged, dis-respect been shown to our Country. She did not insult a President, she insulted all Americans. Rush Limbaugh is not a saint, he is a Christian Conservative who is not afraid to voice his convictions and opinions of the liberal left. He has been a giant in conservative voices for decades. I don’t always agree with him, but he is absolutely right on so many things. His honor at the SOTU, brought the grotesque, vile hate filled left out in droves to rip him apart, even using his tragic illness to laugh and call for his death. Yes they did. They have totally imploded. We’re entering into a darkness that we have to permeate. Permeate with our voice, share, share & share the truth. I was attacked on twitter by one who took offense to my displeasure with Mitt Romney’s vote in the acquittal of President Trump. You know what I did? I didn’t engage him, or debate him or show hate like they do, I shared every tweet that came across my feed about the deranged action of Mitt Romney. Share, share, and share, we are stronger in numbers. We learned that in grade school, and sunday school. We must stand together, and do the job that we failed at, and that’s educating our youth. Pastors must speak boldly, and answer questions especially to our youth. Remember the old saying, “if you don’t teach the children about God the world will teach them.”We are about to lose an entire generation forever, we are about to slide into darkness. Speak out, while we can.

Hosea 4:1

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Recommended reading:

Sorry Bernie Bros But Nordic Countries Are Not Socialist

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  1. Amen!! This is why I share so much political things on Facebook! I’m speaking out!

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