‘Mayor’ Pete Buttigieg Wins Monday’s Iowa Caucus, Bernie Sanders Wins Popular Vote: Democrats Are AGAIN to Blame for Voting Issues

By Greg Holt

I love this: “Handsy” Joe Biden, the glorified Democratic frontrunner scored a dismal 15.6% of state delegates behind Buttigieg, Sanders, and Warren. Doncha just love dissension in the Party of Fools?

(True Conservative Pundit)  With 62% of state precincts counted (finally), Buttigieg managed to eke out a win, barely.  Sanders is not far behind (1.8%) and actually managed to win the popular vote with Buttigieg coming in second.  So much for the vaunted leader and surefire winner Joe Biden, sorry Joe – you haven’t got what it takes.

Trump said back in October that Biden was, “only a good vice president because he understood how to kiss Barack Obama’s a**.”  We agree, 100%.  Biden is a hapless follower, not a leader, and one that cannot do anything without completely screwing it up.  Thank you Joe for your service to Republicans.

So what happened in regards to the Iowa caucus voting results?  Did someone forget how to count?  Nope.  Did the phones go down?  Nope.  Surprise!!!

The Democrats happened, AGAIN!

The voting results app developed by Shadow Inc. (the name fits doesn’t it?) to tabulate the vote, failed spectacularly.  Investors were immediately racing to distance themselves from the company after the embarrassing failure in Iowa.

So what’s the skinny on this company and the app?  The app was, according to Zero Hedge, developed by ex Clinton and Obama staffers – and it was bankrolled by billionaire Seth Klarman who supports Pete Buttigieg.  Hmmmm, what a surprise.

Shadow and it’s affiliated partner, Acronym – read like a who’s who of the power players in the Democratic Party and progressive party influencers.  Including former employees and staffers for: Google, Apple, Obama, and Hillary, as well as backers from Silicon Valley, Wall Street, and Hollywood.

Democrats from the Nevada caucus said they would not be using the app, hmmmm, I wonder why.

“The goal of the app was to ensure accuracy in a complex reporting process.”

Well, obviously that did not work out to well now did it?

The candidates weren’t taking this lying down either, from Zero Hedge:

Former Vice President Joe Biden – who appears to have suffered a massive defeat based on preliminary estimates – effectively threatened to sue the IDP if they released the results before his campaign could see them. Bernie Sanders, meanwhile, reportedly sent 5 lawyers to meet with party officials after he sent operatives to polling locations to gather independent counts.

This is a rather stupendous (negatively speaking) start for Democrats.  What’s next I wonder?  Regardless of what happens next, one has to feel sorry for Bernie Sanders.  This writer doesn’t agree with Sanders positions whatsoever.  That being said, I do feel sorry for the guy at least somewhat.  The DNC and the Democrats and their base are out to royally screw Bernie, and he has clawed his way to the top, no thanks to these treacherous commie party apparatchiks.

You see, there IS – or there is supposed to be anyway, such a thing as human decency.  The Democrats in IMHO are for the most part severely lacking in this regard.  That is part of the problem with Democrats, along with a lust for power, corruption, and a Leftist paradigm that comes close to putting Hitler to shame.

Image Credit: Gary Riggs

H/T to Tyler Durden – Zero Hedge


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