Climate Change Is Real But Has Nothing To Do With Weather

The climate has changed for Christians and conservatives. We are no longer respected. Our voice is no longer sought out. In fact it has so drastically changed that many are slow to make their faith recorded in public. Just in the last decade it’s changed exponentially.  Trump supporters are classified as evangelicals lumping all in one fallacious basket. 

We were declared deplorable, we were described as those who cling to God, the Bible and guns.  Our Holy book mocked. Our Lords sermon on the Mount described as radical. 

Then they said we were smelly Walmart people. Thousands of comments on social media declare we’re inbreds, illiterate, uneducated and ugly. CNN commentator Don Lemmon is one of the worst bigots toward conservatives and Trump supporters.  

Entertainers have called for torture and death. The language they use would make satan blush. 

This, and much more is what we will see after 2020 if we remain silent.  A.G. Barr has been warning of a militant style attack on religious liberty. (More)

A Roman Catholic Priest in Minnesota was forced by CAIR to apologize for his Homily stating  that Islam is one of the biggest dangers to Christianity. (More) Yes, it happened here and was even forced to say that Muslims worship, pray and fast to God. Implying it is the same God of Isaac, Abraham and Jacob. The left has and is continuing to push this narrative making it impossible for Christians to spread the Gospel as commanded.

Leftist morals are being pushed down our throats at alarming rates. Even A.G Barr said that.

The weak kneed, watered down version of Christianity through tolerance of sin and doctrines of demons has been a big part of this climate. We bowed to other gods by allowing prayer to be removed, by tolerating other beliefs rather than Christ’s gospel. There is no other ways only one way and that’s through Christ. We were so afraid to be called exclusionists and bigots we allowed this to happen. Abortion is rampant, and sin is not condemned but welcomed.

If we remain silent we will awaken to find ourselves in hiding to survive not only emotionally but physically as well. And that’s not hyperbole. It’s fact. The lefts new scorched earth policy against anyone who doesn’t tow their line will leave America in tatters. 

A State Representative of Tennessee recently introduced a resolution that CNN and the Washington Post are fake news. Stating they are taking away the rights that men and women died to protect.(more)

So some are bold and courageous and recognize we are in a battle for the soul of America. We need to be just as courageous and plant your feet firm and speak as if your life depended on it. America is in dire straits and needs our voice. It needs our morals and convictions. 

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Rev. 22:20 'Surely I am coming quickly, Amen. Even so, come Lord Jesus!'

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