Why I Celebrate The Birth Of Christ

The chaos in the world and our Country was designed to take our Joy and our Peace. Every year we have set aside a time to celebrate the Miracle of Christ’s birth. We do not worship a false or Pagan God. We worship a God who loved His creation so much that He sent His Son, the very embodiment of Him into a dying and sinful world as a Saviour that we might be born into a new life of hope and joy.

God marked that day with light from a star and the heavens lit up with light and Angels voices to announce the birth of the King of Kings. It is this that we celebrate. We don’t have Gods power but we light up our world in Honor of our King! I am not watching for Santa I am watching for our Lords return! Regardless of what you believe about Christmas surely you can take a moment to say thank you Father and celebrate our Lord.

And give to those in need and spread love,Joy and the Gospel.

When I look at the beauty of this season I see the beauty of God. Surely it must be a glimpse of hope for a still dying world. As Christians when we accept Christ we are indeed born again into a new life filled with hope and promise. My eyes are on The Father,The Son and The Holy Spirit. So it is with reverence and love that I wish everyone a Merry Christmas. And May God Bless all in the New Year. Regardless of the chaos nothing can take our Lord from us. Rejoice and fall on your knees for our King is coming!

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  1. AMEN CJ, AMEN! Many blessings to you and Dale – wishing you a very Merry Christmas!

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Rev. 22:20 'Surely I am coming quickly, Amen. Even so, come Lord Jesus!'

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