BREAKING: A New Holiday is Declared – ‘Impeachment Day’

By Greg Holt

If you thought (even for a moment) that you have seen it all, think again.  You just can’t fix stupid – but you can laugh at it

Yesterday I wrote about the Democrats desperate impeachment attempt to cover their own crimes – crimes they of course have accused Trump of.  EXPOSED! Adam Schiff and the Dems Impeachment Circus a Desperate Attempt to Cover for the Bidens & Others REAL Crimes in Ukraine

Then today along comes this serious news story:

What does one “conservative” blogger, and one utterly frivolous and stupid idea equal?  I’m not sure, maybe you can tell me, or better yet, tell Jennifer Rubin.

Mrs. Rubin, a supposedly conservative writer for the Washington Post, as well as MSNBC, decided that today, December 18th should be declared a holiday – “Impeachment Day.”


Apparently Rubin had this tweet pinned at one point today, but after all the negative blowback (I assume), she pinned a different tweet.

Twitter reaction to this idiocy is priceless:


Democrats don’t need criminal violations do they? Eye roll…

Is impeachment Trump’s Christmas present from the Democrats?

I can feel the burn from here…

And finally – this gem:

If we can’t fix stupid, we may as well try to enjoy it.

Oh, and GO Trump!

According to CBS News, a vote on the two articles of impeachment against Trump should happen in the House sometime tonight.

H/T Sarah D. – Twitchy


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5 replies

  1. There is talk of the house dems going forward with an impeachment of Pence now.

    They have gotten away with all their illegalities so far. So this should come as no surprise since it would put Nancy Pelosi into the presidency. She then would appoint Hillary as her VP. Then she would resign making Hillary the president.


    • Possibly, but that is Mike Adams. I like Mike, but he does tend to sensationalism a little bit. Besides, even if the House impeached Pence, he would have to be convicted in the Senate, and that is NOT going to happen.


      • But, Mike Adam’s is not the one calling for the impeachment of Pence. The house dems are as he said in his article.
        The same ones who manufactured “facts” to support a hearing to impeach Pres. Trump. And no one stopped them.
        The same ones who illegally called for the illegal impeachment of Pres. Trump with zero evidence to support it. And no one stopped them.
        The same ones who had a hearing to impeach Pres. Trump with zero evidence to support one. And no one stopped them.
        The same ones who illegally passed new rules that circumvented due process to impeach Pres. Trump. And no one stopped them.
        The same ones who illegally took a vote with zero evidence to impeach Pres. Trump. And no one stopped them.
        And the same ones who will do the same to VP Pence while no one stops them. All happening because the people who are tasked with the job of stopping the illegal means by which all of this is taking place, who should have long ago arrested these usurpers, are standing idly by while the country is being ravaged. So Mike Adam’s is not being a sensationalist. He is simply reporting what we are seeing happen right in front of our eyes.

        Oh, and you do realize that the day after the dems in the house delegitimized Trump as Pres passed legislation that he presented to them that joins Mexico, canada, and the US in what amounts to NAFTA and TPP on steroids in the USMCA, right? Which begs the question that if the dems really hate Trump, then why would they legitimize him by agreeing to this globalist piece of legislation? Hmmm

        Even so… Maranatha!!


      • Sorry, not buying it. And YES, Mike does tend towards sensationalism. To wit:

        “A scheme is now active to convict Trump and remove V.P. Mike Pence from power, then install Nancy Pelosi as president. Once there, she will appoint Hillary Clinton as her V.P. with no resistance from the Senate, then she will resign, making Hillary Clinton the president.”

        “Step 1) Fake an impeachment of President Trump and whip up media hysteria to gaslight the entire nation into thinking Trump is being impeached when it’s all an act (with no real vote in the House, no legal bearing and no legitimacy).

        Step 2) Stage an arrest of President Trump, V.P. Mike Pence and his Cabinet members for CNN’s cameras to create the visual impression that Trump is guilty of something. After all, why is he in handcuffs? (Everything with the Democrats is theater. Everything is staged.)”

        I’m sorry, but I just don’t believe this. The Dems are certainly up to something, but all this? I think not.

        Mike has sources? Cool. So do I. This isn’t happening.


      • I would like to hope that you were right. But, the facts surrounding what is going on are in line with what Mike Adam’s has said. While what you have said is based solely on wishful thinking. Oh, and McConnell has already capitulated to use Biden’s rules for the trial to take place in the Senate.


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