Christian Publication Founded By Billy Graham Pushes The Leftist Agenda

The contemptible depravity of the liberal left has permeated the very soul of America. The attacks on a President and his family have cracked the very foundation. Jealousy and rage have brought darkness and a repugnant and noxious atmosphere that is destroying even the unity of family. It has even permeated and affected the most important of families-Christ’s family.

I have slowly turned from Christian publications because they have begun the falling away, leaning left and away from principles I hold dear. But Christianity Today has crossed the line. I rarely call out by name, but I am both shocked and appalled by their recent editorial and support for the revolting left. That’s right they have come out in support of the lies and debauchery of the demonic Dems. Calling for removal of a duly elected President for false allegations and false witness. They even question others salvation simply for supporting Trump. Using a gambling analogy they lay out their case for condemning Christians who support President Trump. Don’t take my word for it read it. In the shocking post, they claim humility in allowing Christians a place to come together. They say politics doesn’t dominate their front page. How hypocritical! Their twitter page this morning is nothing but the retweeting of others support for their iniquitous writing.

It tears at my heart. Literally. CT was founded by Billy Graham and Franklin Graham has made statements regarding their nasty editorial.

They take the main talking point of the left to a new level. Pushing the lie as if it came from God. There is more in your face evidence against Joe Biden (Read) And yet because Trump sought truth he is condemned. There is no tit for tat with Ukraine, there is no obstruction. Research Executive privilege and the fifth amendment. Look at the faces of hate and twisted morality in the eyes of the mob calling for Trumps demise. That’s where the shame is! Not in the Christians who see that the only thing standing at the moment between us and socialism is Trump.

I don’t always agree with Trump, I don’t always like his words, in fact I cringe at times but I also pray. I refuse to fall behind those who mock God,those who removed God from their platform, those who tout infanticide and abortion as a God given right. I refuse to fall behind the epitome of what God hates. Look at the face of Tlaib celebrating the sham impeachment of Trump.

Screenshot from twitter a video of Tlaib celebrating Trumps impeachment

Ecclesiastes 7:6 For as the crackling of thorns under a pot, so is the laughter of the fool….

As far as what the high and mighty CT says about his lies and slander on Twitter, I say clean up yourself because bearing false witness and passing along gossip is against God. And last I checked freedom of speech still exists just as they have the freedom to spread their vitriolic propaganda.

Be vigilant and pray. It’s going to get much worse. Stay in tune with the Holy Spirit and Gods word because the great deception and falling away has begun.

True Conservative Pundit is a Christian publication I stand behind. Steve Quayle is also a site I frequent. Listen to that small still voice that moves your spirit. If it feels wrong or outrageous it is. Gods Spirit resides in each of us. I don’t serve man I serve Him. The Great I Am. The Father, The Son and the Holy Spirit, Amen!

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  1. CT has been a bastion for liberal/laodicean theological thinking for some time. Thanks for calling them out on that regardless of how one may feel about Pres. Trump.

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  2. I will NEVER again share any posts from their site on the site I manage. They have clearly lost their way. I am a conservative and a believer and I stand with President Trump. I may not like everything he does. I may not like everything about him but he is the BEST thing to happen to this country in a very long time.

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  3. This is absolutely disgusting! Christianity Today’s support of liberal left politics is not only shameful, it is wrong. It’s not that Jesus would endorse Donald Trump (although I DO believe Trump IS God’s appointed leader), its that Trump has done so much good for this country. Its not about agreeing with his every move or statement (as you alluded to), its about the Democrats and their beliefs and positions. They support infanticide, they are all for the LGBTQ, they support violence if used against Trump supporters. What have they accomplished? ZERO – except to attack Trump with all sorts of bogus crap that they themselves are guilty of (Saul Alinsky).

    Christianity Today needs a name change – Paganism Today.

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  4. You are so right. Billy Graham would be beside himself if he were still with us. We are in the great falling away and I am so troubled about it.

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