The Elephant In The Room Part 2

There’s almost too much to keep up with. Every day new evils from the demonic left emerge. But there is one thing that is constantly in the background that only a handful dare to confront. The elephant in the room emerges yet again, with Ilhan Omar’s declaration that we all must fight against Western Imperialism. She made this proclamation while endorsing Bernie Sanders for President. Amid all the swamp gas of the impeachment/coup debacle, Islam rises again.
So Omar’s battle cry against Western Imperialism, is not only outrageous but it’s antaganistic. Considering that America enabled her to come here, from war torn, savage Somalia. And afforded her freedoms. Or maybe she thinks we should abandon American territories like Puerto Rico or the American Somoa’s. Surely not. But her rant is a complete falsehood. And it can be tied into Islam. Yes it can. The rants from Islamist’s against Western Culture, and liberty are the same tired cheer sang by Omar and Tlaib, and their terroist ties with CAIR and other Islamist groups. If you can’t see the forest for the tree’s it’s time to open your eyes. They will not be happy until sharia, combined with socialism and communism rules the world. It’s this integration of a one world beast different from all the rest that we are heading headlong into.
Look at the definition of Imperialism:

By these definitions China is the top imperialist, yet when protests such as we’ve seen lately coming from Hong Kong, screaming for American intervention, China demands loyalty and the Left gives it to them. Russia can also be counted among them. Look what Russia has done to other countries like Ukraine. And when Obama caved and refused them and others a defense system, it enabled this. But nothing is said about that. Russia or China are not Western Countries. America, has been the only country that has stood in the gap between socialism, communism and tyranny for decades. I know that is a controversial statement but it’s the truth. Europe too, but in recent years they have fallen to the ideologies threatening us today. Abbas recently stated that the Balfour declaration should be shredded. That’s another entire post, but they are the ones that refused their own territory next to Israel because they wanted it all. When they left there in droves they were told to leave until Israel was destroyed and then they could return. And if you know your history you will also know that Jordan refused to let them stay there. Jordan didn’t want the trouble they brought with. So really Omar screams about the evil’s of the West. World War l and ll were horrific and if it hadn’t been for the intervention of the West, it would be a totally different world today. If the world had survived. So there is that from Omar and Tlaib whose ideology includes the backing of those who want to see the annihilation of Israel. So now who is the imperialist?
There is one thing I want to share, as I was contemplating and praying over the hatred and division in America and the evils of the coup taking place, I reflected on past experience. I know few will agree, but this is what was revealed to me. JFK backed Israel. He was very supportive of her. He was also heavily involved in Civil Rights here and fighting Communism. They killed him for that. Fast forward to Nixon, if it weren’t for him sending Military aide to Israel they would have suffered immense damage in the 1973 Yom Kippur war.
“Nixon stands out among presidents for taking the boldest risk for Israel: a much-needed arms airlift during the 1973 Yom Kippur War. An astonishing 567 missions by American aircraft (not to mention deliveries by sea and El Al flights) kept Israel fighting. Nixon ignored the counsel of his closest adviser, Henry Kissinger…” (
And we all know what they did to Nixon. Fast forward to today, I don’t have to remind everyone what Trump has done for Israel, but the Piece de Resistance is the moving of the embassy and declaring Jerusalem the Capitol of Israel. And now the satanic are coming out of the woodwork to denounce and destroy Trump and America. Any doubts about the elephant in the room and what is behind it?
The Ism’s are blending and forming a new beast. Time to wake up.

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