The Age Of Bearing False Witness

We are witnessing the age of bearing false witness and it has taken root. The MSM is pushing this narrative and way of life like it’s Gospel straight from God. Innocent until proven guilty has been thrown out the window. Live feeds from all social media sites has given way to lies and propaganda and no one is investigating or providing a shred of evidence. Look at Trump, Kavanaugh and others. Even on a local level lies and false witness bearing is taking over truth and justice. All one has to do is loudly proclaim something and it’s believed by thousands even millions. Jurists in a court of law have been replaced by likes and followers. And evil vile tongues and attacks for those who proclaim the truth.

Enter the great deception. It began in the he 60’s while America was distracted with war abroad and at home. Patiently the radical,liberal progressive left went to work. It was early in 1970 when they began replacing curriculum in schools and colleges teaching nasty humanistic new age doctrine and it resulted in today. When a bartender can waltz in Congress and become the new leader of an entire party something is very wrong. Don’t even start I know that America is the land of opportunity and anyone can come from nothing and make it great but think about it. As for the others, yes refugees are welcome but when you commit immigration fraud and refuse to obey by our laws that disqualifies you from holding office. And when you align with terrorists, well that’s treason. Yet these are the ones running our government calling for impeachment of a President just for attempting to drain the swamp called Washington of its lies and corruption. Facts and truth matter not. One of them even said (speaking of their lies)facts don’t matter only truth. Yes,they did. So subtle yet so in your face. During a 60 minute interview with AOC she said”being “morally right” means never having to account for facts”

God does not agree with that. A morrally good person lies and it’s ok? No, God says don’t lie and don’t bear false witness period. He doesn’t say lie if it’s for a good reason. Only Islam believes that. Christ told the righteous Pharisees they followed their father the devil, who is a liar and murderer from the beginning of time. And that one statement is the crux of their beliefs. Beaters of false witness and propaganda to control and hold power over God and His plans. We have to speak up. The Governor of Tennessee,Bill Lee has declared October 10th a day of prayer and fasting. And school children are at the flag poles today in prayer to repent and turn back to God. And the churches? Are they joining our youth? No! What a sad time we live in. America is weak and crumbling from within. We had better get this right or we will all fall away. Truth will be blurred and anarchy and lies will prevail.

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Rev. 22:20 'Surely I am coming quickly, Amen. Even so, come Lord Jesus!'

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